My secret passions…..

I confessed something to my boyfriend yesterday, I told him one of my secret passions, one of those things that does it for me every time, but I can’t do it alone and so I haven’t done it in some time….. he was quite surprised, as it contradicts a lot of other things I have going on, but it’s something I have loved for years.

I love to be read to in bed…preferably the newspaper, preferably after a couple of hours of lovely sex, preferably with a pot of tea and a packet of plain chocolate biscuits!

It’s so sad….so middle aged! Before we had kids, definitely before we had two, a Sunday would involve a lot of movies, nice lunch, then home for some lovely shagging followed by reading the papers in bed, accompanied by the radio, then usually I’d flip through the girlie bits and my Ex would read the important bits to me….I love it, we’d drink tea, eat biscuits, occasionally have pringles..then I’d finally fall asleep, to the sound of my Ex’s voice, reading some boring sport article…….heaven!

So my darling boyfriend in the spirit of trying new things has agreed to indulge me….but I have a sneaking suspicion there will be the different reading materials than the indo and the Turbine!


7 thoughts on “My secret passions…..

  1. Middle aged? I’ve been readign in bed all my life! Preferably while eating – I put it in my 100 favourite things post.

    However your description of your lazy sundays with your ex reading to you, with tea and biscuits, god, it’s like a little fantasy of mine: my husband will only read in the bathroom. If I want him to look at something, I have to leave it by the loo. I read, he sleeps/snores. I can’t even get him to have a conversation without falling asleep – he’s conditioned.

    I’m a little sick with sadness now! I’d forgotten how much this was part of my images of what relationships look like, that does not correspond to my relationship reality.

  2. Ah chicken…..I love to read in bed myself, but it’s the act of being read to, it must be to do with when I was a little girl my nanny read the paper to me every day when we’d go for our nap (nana minded me until my mum stopped working to have my brother when I was 3!) She brought the paper to bed with her every night.

    Ah, Jo, I’m sure your hubby would read in bed with you if you asked? It’s funny the things we become nervous about?

  3. It’s just not part of his vocab though. Never was. It’s not familiar to him – I don’t think he was read to as a child. His mother sings songs, doesn’t read to the kids.

    It’s sad though – two of my happy memories are reading with him – a funny part of Fear and Loathing that I could hardly finish, we were laughing so much, and when he was visiting me in England when I was miserable and homesick we stayed with a friend, she gave me her fuzzy hot water bottle and he read me the Gigglers. I felt so warm and cared for!

  4. Ash, I can tell you have loads of bloody romantic stories….bet you they involve lovely long walks in the hills…..

  5. I suppose you’re right MW. They probably involve running in the hills but you’re right, it’s just a different kinda romance. I’ve never considered myself romantic and neither does he, but there have been moments…..

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