Make me smile!

I need to have some adult fun. I am sitting in my bed, catching up with blog stuff, having drunk two bottles of Coors Light and eaten a bag of hand cooked ready salted M&S crisps…..these aren’t just crisps, theses are hand cooked by pygmies in the deepest Congo…. you know the drill! Today on the group blog i write for one of the feckless guys (he is a sweetie?) who writes for it gave a description of getting drunk yesterday, and one of my friends basically told him to cope on, and it hurt me.

Now I know why, I have been struggling with this for a while, the whole them versus me thing, it’s like I just don’t fit in the mummy mould anymore, now I have no husband I notice I am no longer asked to “dinner parties” I am not the same person I was before, I am kinda in between, I am a mummy some of the time, but a single mummy so it’s a “poor you, you are so brave” kind of thing, and then at weekends I am Midge who has a boyfriend and I go there and drink a bottle of wine, or we go out or I go out with my girlfriends, and I get drunk, it does not bode well for my liver (seeing my dads current situation) and it doesn’t work in my everyday life but I like to feel unencumbered and that I can just let go of the wheel for a night, I am in control of 3 other peoples lives all of the time, so I like the feeling of being tipsy, not worrying about what the kids have planned for the next day!

So to the picture…I love burlesque, I would love to have the balls to put on my fishnets and my corset and head out to the sugar club one night when a show is on. I used to love to dress for the Rocky Horror show, similar dress code. I just love it cos it is sexy but not sleazy, it’s much sexier than porn. The women who preform burlesque while playing a retro role, are more liberated and in control than the women you see in porn. It’s about seeing a bit, and then no more…oh well OK, then a little bit more, women all know this, it’s hide a bit, show a bit! I saw a really sexy basque in a catalogue and even though I know I should have said no I’ve ordered it…I just hope it gets here before next week when my wonderful boy friend and I pop away for a few days….it’s very sexy in a 50’s retro way! I think women in lingerie are much sexier than women in the nip….naturally, if you hide it a little it becomes a bit more attractive, now I’m not talking flannel nighties, that has the opposite effect, and if it doesn’t and your man gets his rocks off with flannel then I’d be worried and calling the men in white coats!


5 thoughts on “Make me smile!

  1. Yes totally agree about the keeping stuff on (and I don’t mean the nightie!). It’s so much sexier. Especially if one is not that huge in the chest area it helps to keep an illusion going….in one’s head anyway….

    Not that that would affect you :-)(I’m jealous!)

    On the mummy mould, lots of us don’t fit into that. You’re right not to try and conform, it wouldn’t be you. I can totally see why you’d want to let your hair down when away from the kids. I was like that when my daughter was young. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy your life. It gets much easier when they’re older, I don’t mean this all to sound preachy but you know what I mean. I go running to get away from it all, that’s my version of the pub I suppose. I couldn’t do without it. The kids being off this week is tough…

  2. You have a beautiful kylie esque figure, you know that! I love my boobs, but I think everyone should be happy with what we have and our differences!

    It helps Ash to hear from someone who’s been through it, it really does, and you aren’t bitter or angry like some of the people who’ve been in my situation!

    Actually we need to meet for a coffee soon, I need to pick your brain!

    I’m enjoying having a bit of fun at the moment, but as baby gets older and the pressures on me ease I’ll stop needed to go out as often! Either that or buy shares in Coors Light!

  3. Kids are at an Easter camp next week so I’m free some mornings. Otherwise, you’re free Wednesday nights sometimes aren’t you? I can do that also. Love to meet up!

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