Women are stupid

I know, it’s a gross misogynistic cartoon! But today I am in a misogynistic mood.

I am a woman, I have fought the good fight, I am a good little feminist, I’ve read “The second sex”and Germaine Greer….. I have talked about body fascists, I have addressed sexual inequalities with my kids….. I consider myself liberated, but today, right now, I have to say men are right, women are fucking stupid!

I am wondering is it just women who don’t work anymore, we are so focused on our family life, and “being there” for our husbands and children, we totally forget about ourselves, now my friends who work outside of the home aren’t like this, they make lots of time for themselves, hair appointments, girlie nights out, all becasue they feel they deserve it,but us stay at home moms, we seem to think we just aren’t worth it!

Now Jo, I am not talking about you here ok, so don’t get upset…….

I have some time to myself, and I ask my friends, the ones who live very locally can we do something, go to the movies, pub, pizza? And the three of them, all independently say the same thing, either, “Oh, ***** (husband) is going/might be going out to pub/squash/gym tonight”, or “But I haven’t seen ***** all day, we just want a nice quiet night in”. Now call me bitter and twisted……go on, I’d kinda like that! But hello, the fecking husbands are out all day working, now while they are working they get to do several things you don’t get to do as a stay at home mum….they get to interact with other adults, in adult surroundings, no ball pits or lime green seating in the boardroom, you get a lunch break, imagine, “hey kids, I’m just heading to the pub for 45 mins for my break, cover for me if social services call!” You also get to wee alone…..imagine, no wobbler trying to get the toilet roll, or no four year old running in clutching her crotch saying “I need to wee NOW!” So even though a husband gets to have a “real adult” life they still get first dibs on the socialising time, cos bless their little cotton bobby socks they just aren’t as strong as us women and need a life outside of their families and work.

Seriously, we are fucking morons……”Oh darling I know you want to go out with the girls, just so you can put on something with out baby vomit on it, but my job is so stressful, I just can’t handle sitting here alone tonight, stay in we’ll get a DVD and a take away….great! Oh seeing as you are staying in I’ll just pop out to the pub, I’ll bring back the DVD, later……..” WANKERS!

Sorry, I did it too, I let my own feelings of insecurity in the world let me feel like my need to get out weren’t as valid as my money earning husband’s, the only time I felt ok about asking for time out was when I was working full time! So now I am tempted, tempted to be a full time working mum again, I’d be giving every penny to childcare, but from previous experience I know I would be recognised and celebrated by my peers and society for working full time. So part of me says, FUCK YOU! Why the fuck is raising three children considered not fucking work! It’s is the hardest, shittiest job I’ve ever done (and I worked in Woodies DIY) and yet it is unrecognised, we slave away, unpaid, unrecognised, and the work that we do is what keeps society moving. Is there any other group in modern day society (not slaves) who work for nothing to make other peoples lives easier and keep society moving along? I don’t think so!

Love, love is a bloody bitch…oh I love you so I’ll have your babies, then I will sacrifice my own hopes and dreams to raise these children, unacknowledged by society or even you…. Great! All the while making your life easier and allowing you to be the father you want to be, no more, no less….being a father won’t affect your ability to be a engineer or a doctor or an office clerk, you won’t be passed by for promotions because you have to take time off to raise your family there will be no glass cleiling for you because you decided to reproduce……

Do I sound cynical?


Fuck Yes!

Maybe it would be better if men had the ability to fuck our brains out…..it would make the rest of married life a lot easier to deal with!


9 thoughts on “Women are stupid

  1. Hah, well I can’t argue with that last comment.

    You are talking to me. Last weekend, my husband felt virtuous because I sent him to Tesco for Calpol at six in the morning. Then he brought me a cup of tea, but I'[d been up all night and I went back to sleep for three hours.

    He went to do his radio interview, but first he drove out to Sallynoggin to pick up his bandmates so he left at 10.30 am. Rather than bring them back here then let them get the door to door bus, he drove them home again and stayed over there til four. HE came home and vegged, grudgingly cooked dinner but rushed out the door to his gig without eating it, having spent that 20 minutes on the internet instead.

    He got in late from the gig, around three or later. I had wanted to go but he said his singer’s girlfriend was having her birthday on Sunday, so I thought I should go to that instead. The gig was a total blinder, I missed out. I let him sleep in on Sunday, got up at seven. Gave the kids lunch, went to Dundrum to get a present. Came home about 4.30, he’d been up maybe half an hour. He was meant ot ask his mother to babysit but he hadn’t. She wasn’t home. He thought she’d be in around six. She wasn’t in. At eight he went rushing off out to the pub, all worried he was late, said he’d no interest in going into town.

    At 3.30 I was up with the baby – checked my phone, had a text from the girlfriend asking could he go in with them, it was up to me. I’d been asleep, obviously.

    Next day was bank holiday monday, I got up at 6.45 again, he got up at 1030 as I was putting the baby down and he was crying. He struggled through the day, going out to the funfair etc. We went to visit my brother briefly, went to collect the car, came home, and he went to bed early. Great bank holiday for me.

    I cannot imagine a world in which the roles would be reversed. MW’s right. He’s a selfish fucker and I’m a fucking dupe.

  2. Shit….I feel bad now.

    I have had weekends like that, when married, no more though. And to be honest, if I had a few nights like that I then turned around and said I needed a night where i went out and the next day my other half minded the kids!

    I cry and I complain about my life now, but i love the fact that i get 24 hours of child free time every week, I am no longer a mum when I go out I am just me….and it way be irresponsible and stupid and i get drunk, or i stay with my boyfriend and we make kissy faces, but it’s my time. and I can do with it what I will….even just this evening sitting in my room blogging….I have no responsibility for the kids for the three hours…now when ex leaves I jump into action, but for now I am relaxed!

    Love is a bitch…and I’ll never fall for biology’s tricks again!

  3. TC, don’t worry, being tagged by a blogging buddy couldn’t induce that level of rage in me….

    You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

  4. Hi MW, you are so right and as you know I am a man! Seriously though why do many women put up with such crap? Would men put up with that from women? Maybe one or two would but the burden of child-rearing and limitations that women put on their own career and choices in life definitely fall disproportionately on women. Just not fair, more bolshevism is called for!!

  5. Ah PLasmonic…..you and you bolshevism! In an “ideal” world women would unite to get what we need, better schools, childcare, bloody better maternity services, but in reality the subdivisions between us keep us divided, the working ang the stay at home mothers, the bottle verse the breast feeding mothers……we women really need to get our act together. I am thinking about just becoming a man hating lesbian feminist now….maybe something would change? I suppose I need a “wife” someone who would be happy to provide me with free childcare and domestic services?

    Anyway, Vive Le Revelution!

  6. I don’t think it’s the divisions between parenting styles, really – I just think a lot of people are happy with the status quo, or don’t have anything left over for activism.

    I was out on the streets with the home birth society protesting about poor and dangerous maternity services – fuck all people showed up.

    We sent letters to the master of the Rotunda about the ban on homoepathy and got a smug and patronising form letter back about how 98% of women are happy with their experience in the rotunda, and hey, they brought in birth balls, they’re well progressive.

    Everyone who’s had an emergency caesarian is sure it was necessary in thier case. People don’t want to look to deep.

  7. bring on compulsory paternity leave! and a right to have homebirths, fully paid for and supported by the hse, like they pay for giving birth in overcrowded, understaffed, underequipped, bug ridden, consultant dominated hospitals…

  8. I just deleted a comment that was put here in reaction to this post, it was highly offensive and badly written, but as I find censorship offensive i was nervous about deleting it.

    But the comment was anon, and that made it easy, if he, and it was a he had put a name to the comment I would have responded to it! Buty as it was I felt no guilt about deleting it!

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