Buttery Burlesque!

I whisked (or whiskeyed) my boyfriend away to Cork for the weekend….it was a total surprise to him, he didn’t know where we were going, well until I got lost on the way down and I had to ask for help, even then he thought I was joking “You didn’t really get lost did you? This is part of your surprise?” No, no sweetie it wasn’t, as we drove along that tiny N2 road from Roscrea and you winced when the cars passed us I hope that became clear! By the time we got to Cork I was like a zombie, so tired! But a nice meal and some lovely wine made it worthwhile!

So the next day we looked through our plans of things to do, so we decided to go to Blarney Castle so my boyfriend could kiss the stone….it was freezing, and so amazingly windy, there was snot streaming down my face……seriously not sexy! I have been there loads of times, I particularly love the walk around the grounds, the witches kitchen and the druids circle! I think (hope) my BF enjoyed himself! After taking a photo of an elderly American couple we headed to Midleton to the Jameson Distillery, it was lovely, we had a nice lunch in their restaurant, free coffee refills…..YAY! My Lovely BF was fortunate to be chosen to do the whiskey tasting at the end and he had a ball!

That evening I dragged my carnivorous other half to Cafe Paradiso in Cork, probably Ireland’s most renowned vegetarian restaurant, it was amazing…..I mean totally blew my mind, the flavours, the fresh veg perfectly cooked simply, but with such flavour, and the cheeses….mmmm! I would eat there all the time if they were in Dublin!

Then on Saturday some mooching around the shops in the Huguenot quarter in Cork and then lunch of seafood and a nice walk in Kinsale! It was so lovely to be there, just the two of us, no kids, no exes, no work and no responsibilities! I think we both were extra narky on the way up to Dublin the next day, just the fact that we were going back to reality…..or maybe that was just me!

So what’s with the buttery Burlesque? Well pictured above is two of the leaflets we picked up about things to do in Cork….Butter Museum and burlesque show……unfortunately the show wasn’t on while we were there and the butter museum just made me think of Last Tango In Paris…..interested to see if they mention that famous use of butter?


5 thoughts on “Buttery Burlesque!

  1. Funny you should say that, when the pic flashed up first, I totally thought it said ‘The Butt Museum’ for a second.

    Oo, I thought, what sort of weekend did you have!

  2. Yep Cafe Paradiso is a truly excellent place to eat. I miss having an excuse to travel to Cork purely because of that place.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it MW! Me and T had a weekend in Cork once on our own, went to see “They Froze Walt Disney Didn’t They?” and took in some sports at the athletics stadium……romantic stuff or what????!!!!

    Looking forward to the weekend?

  4. TC, it was so worth it, I am gonna go down again, next time I need a real treat, and stay in the romms they have, like a little boutique hotel, and dinner there, imagine what the breakfast would be like…..Jesus I’m salivating!

    Ash, it’s not what you guys did, or didn’t do…it’s just being together, you two share such lovely similar interests it will always keep you together!

    I can’t wait Ash, looking forward to seeing you! Jo and Milan will be there too, no men apart from Plasmonic! Are you bringing T?

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