Whiskey makes you Frisky and Brandy makes you Randy!

As I mentioned in my earlier post my lovely BF and I headed to Cork last weekend (feels like a year ago now!) one of the things we did was visit the Jameson Distillery in Midleton, I highly recommend it. I have been there several times, one of the advantages of traveling around Ireland by car has resulted with a love of all things touristy! It’s not a bad thing, people should do it more, but we don’t. I’m always amazed at how little of our little island most Irish people have seen, and yet we have been all over the rest of the world!

So our American tour guide (pretty girl….not much happening upstairs “Don’t ask me, I’m just a girl!”) did the tour of the factory and wound up in the bar where my BF was chosen to take part in the Whiskey tasting. He got to try some whiskey and then he got his free whiskey and mine, as I was driving, I sat there, middle of the day, watching as he relaxed even more and got a little bit tipsy! Remembering how much I L-O-V-E whiskey, I mean I totally heart it! I have gone through my Southern comfort days, my Jack Daniels days, but my Irish whiskey days……yum! Jameson with sparkling water, so good…..and no hangover!

Don’t believe me? I tell you the truth!

The smiling Barbie tour guide explained why this was, Irish whiskey is the only whiskey to be triple distilled! American whisky is only distilled once, Scotch twice, but the Irish, sure begorra and begosh, we are the only ones to do it three times! I think it could be a Druid thing, the whole Wicca rule of three? Takes out the bad alcohol that gives you the hangover! I suppose that combined with all the sparkling water would stop you from feeling too crap! So as soon as we got back to the Hotel, I was gasping for a whiskey, so so good!

And now, well it’s Thursday night, I brought my 10 year old son to see Drillbit Taylor and I am not feeling too great, so I am sitting here blogging, and enjoying a hot whiskey with cloves and lemon…..yummy!

I love whiskey!

It’s my favorite spirit, Vodka (except polish Bison grass vodka) is bland, tastes of nothing at all, Gin is flowery and yummy, but occasionally makes me cry, Tequila is soo lovely but can occasionally make me slightly insane! So Whiskey is smooth and tasty, it has a lovely flavour, I love to smell it on my lovers breath…..


5 thoughts on “Whiskey makes you Frisky and Brandy makes you Randy!

  1. I used to drink whiskey and coke in college. Thought it was cool to have a drink no one else ever drank, they were all to busy with cider or guinness!!!

    I’ve done a tour of the whiskey place in Dublin and the one up North, can’t even think of their names now……. Loved seeing the hundreds of timber barrels and learning about the whole process. Fascinating stuff!

    Glad you enjoyed your break!

  2. Aaaahhh Jameson. A hot whiskey is always welcome, an Irish coffee is a treat.

    I sued to drink whiskey and white, for soem reason I’ve sort of forgotten abotu that. I switched to vodka tonic, I suppose.

    But it’s so good. And I like your sparkling water idea, will have to do it.

  3. In my 20’s myself and a friend got into a habit of drinking a bottle of Bushmills between us. Ah, good times. Don’t remember much mind.

  4. Good to hear you liked Cork. Been living in Midleton for nearly a year now literally across the road from the distillary and I’ve never been. You’ve inspired me to go this weekend. Also went to that Burlesque show feckin great craic. I like you Adore burlesque.

  5. Anon, I hope you went and I hope you loved it! Did you get the ditsy blonde American girl she was very pretty!

    Was it good, the burlesque show? It looked like a laugh, have to find one in Dublin to bring my BF to, he’d never heard of burlesque before he met me…..I am a bad influence!

    TC, my Ex and I would often polish off a bottle between us….happy days! Maybe if we’d become alcoholics we’d still be married???

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