Lookie what I got!

Damien Mulley, he of the famed Fluffy badges sent me these this morning…….
His suggestion is as I am so filthy (it’s OK Damien, I admit it!) that I give them away to people who write filthy blog posts…..Hmm?
I love this idea, and I am gonna start looking around, they are in limited supply though and next year at the blog awards would look nice next to your fluffy….Come on then lads give me something to think about!
Btw no dirty posts…Ala How clean is your house…OK?

16 thoughts on “Lookie what I got!

  1. I am thinking about having Ms Tyler as my first link…

    They are very cute and compliment the fluffy badges beautifully!

  2. I consider this a challenge to be met (I can be awful durty when I turns my mind to it).

    Let me stew in my own juices for a while and see what I can come up with.

  3. Fustar, ( sorry I can’t do a fada on my computer….really annoying!) I wait with breathless anticipation!

  4. Fustar I have seen your blog and I am really really looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    “I’m not Bonnie……”

    Will it be stalker based?

  5. Will, I commented on your toilet humour, oh that is very disturbing! I find it strange that grown men need bullseyes!

    I wonder is there a piece of art decal that could be put on the loo seat to make guys remember to put it back down…..50 euro note?

  6. Bock, I am in such a man hating mood right now that I can’t think of anything to say to that suggestion. In my house I’m thinking of booby trapping my loo so if a man leaves the sef at up a sythe will swoop Temple of Doom style and chop the offenders head (or other bady part) off!

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