Cupcake Crazy!

This is me today, wearing a very threadbare cardi and my Cupcake pendant that Jo bought me for my birthday! Isn’t it just divine? Ok, so I have a confession to make, I love Cupcakes, I love to make them, eat them and most of all I love the iconography of them! I love pictures of cakes, I love cake stands and cup cake cases (I bought silicone ones in the states, heart shaped, I’ve never used them. I love the little things you buy to go on top of the cup cakes, from natural coloured Glace cherries to sugar flowers! As I mentioned I like all cakes, but Cup Cakes and muffins in particular are more pleasing, I suppose it’s because each one is complete in itself! Each one is a little work of art.
I have a fantasy of opening a sop that sells amazing cupcakes, all tasty and all works of art, there are bakeries like that in the USA and in London, but here any cupcakes I’ve had have just been crap. Anything bought in a bakery, even a luxury bakery is made with marg, and you can taste the difference, the decoration is ok, a flower or some chocolate but never as ornate as I’d like, I want something to be so painfully beautiful i don’t want to eat it. The two pictures above are cakes made by Peggy Porschen, she makes amazing cakes, from wedding cakes to cup cakes, aren’t they divine? I love the edible glitter, and the bollywood colours!
So, I’ve outed myself again, I am a girlie!

7 thoughts on “Cupcake Crazy!

  1. Oh how I wish I could make my cupcakes look as divine as some of those. I’m part of so many groups on flickr just to ogle other peoples decorating skills! If you open a shop I’ll defiantly frequent and take lashings of photos 🙂

  2. Well there you go!! Why not open a cupcake Shop!!! It’d be brill I adore cupcakes to love making with the kids and eating em myself(I work in a creche so they make em and I get to take some home ) Check it out I’m sure there might be goverment help!!!! maybe

  3. Hey guys what about a cupcake co op? Where I could sell other peoples cupcakes as well as my own?

    Oh Jo a good bit of cupcake porn and a cup of tea…in bed, with a real cupcake…..that is heaven, menage et cupcake!

  4. Menage et cupcake! Mais oui!

    A cupcake co-op, fabulous.

    I might have to check into cupcake rehab though.

    We should do a few tester cupcake parties, where we all come buy eachothers – once a month or so?

    I’d be on for that.

    I was just watching Martha Stewart’s show, cupcake week, and now I covet the cupcake carry case, carry 12 with ease and a free hand!

  5. Midge, you know it’s a real singular skill you have when it comes to the cake world, you should so think about going for it. In this age, there’s so a market for it. You could start small and work up. Or offer services locally or online for starters.

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