Slap and Tickle?

I’m wondering if there is something amiss with me? I know I can hear the chorus of “Thank God, she has seen the light!” You see the picture? Well, bit of light bondage? It reminds me of those films where the villain tied the helpless heroine to the railway tracks and there is a close up of her eyes widening in fear as the steam train advances on her! This was the highlight of the film for me, and later on I’d imagine I was that golden haired vixen being tied to the tracks. I never thought that was strange, just like I found Dick Dastardly very attractive when he tied Penelope Pittstop to the animated tracks! Now, I know this isn’t normal and usually it’s the hero that lights up other girls hearts, but then it just seemed normal.

Now I consider myself quite well informed, I’m not submissive in any area of my everyday life, I would consider myself a feminist, and therefore I am aware that images of women being tied up and submissive are politically incorrect and socially unacceptable, you can’t sell chocolate with submission….well Milk Tray even had to stop the sexy guy breaking and entering ladies bedrooms with crappy chocolates! Is there something wrong with me that I like the idea of Domination and Submission? I think I have an incredibly well balanced personality I like to be in control of myself or others at times, and then other times I like to submit, it’s yin and yang isn’t it? Everything in moderation?

So the other night a friend asked me what I was up to for my birthday and I said, “oh dinner a movie and a little light bondage!” Is there such a thing? Bondage “lite”, enjoy bondage lite responsibly! Does everyone I know have some handcuffs and a whip in their bedside drawer? Has bondage become suburban?

Anyway, as I sit here, cup of green tea beside me, baby crawling around it’s difficult to write about my “darker side”, but I think the domesticity and “niceness” of my life pushes me to places where I want to rebel…….


7 thoughts on “Slap and Tickle?

  1. Suburban bondage, have you not seen “Staggered”? Anyway, control is an illusion, everything is noise, only the statistics change.

  2. No, no I haven’t seen it? You mean the control is an issue between two people, and the power just switches between the two?
    You are feeling a bit dark tonight?

  3. Allison Tyler muses about this a lot, I don’t know if you’re still reading. She thinks it’s just the way people are wired.

    I think there’s a hell of a lot of people into submission out there, it’s just they don’t talk about it. Look at the extent to which it’s entered the mainstream though. It’s a huge marketing force.

  4. There is a scene in the (rather crap) film Constantine where Mr. Reves enters hell and is buffeted by firey winds as he makes his way in an apocalyptic landscape. Think that, but everything (wind, landscape, demons) is white noise. And so is he.

  5. TC, very dark.

    Jo I occasionally pop in for a look at her blog, not too much now though, trying to live a bit outside of the computer!

  6. m, i’m with you on the ‘always felt that way’, it has always been a bit of a turn on for me! unfortunately hubby’s not inclined. but in real life i don’t like anybody bossing me around! have you seen ‘secretary’?

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