Unhappy Feet!

I do not like feet…..I really don’t like my feet or anyone elses (well I quite like my babies feet, in fact I love to kiss the little baby feet) But I just have an issue with feet, now maybe if my feet looked like the feet in this picture I would feel different about them. My feet are all horrible, really really horrible and I hate people looking at them or touching them! So therefore I like to keep them hidden, socks on at all times!

When I was in Cork for the few days the English under 18 Rugby team were staying there and all they did was wander around the hotel in flip flops……Urghhh! A couple of times I was stuck in a lift with one of them, didn’t want to look at the feet, but I just couldn’t resist….Hobbit feet!

I love shoes, but only shoes that don’t show off my feet, I don’t wear sandals. I had an accident when I was 16, I was hit by a car on my bike and as a result I broke my big toe on my right foot and even more yucky the nail was torn off….so I have a crooked, occasionally painful big toe with a horrible deformed nail!

Get a pedicure people sometimes suggest, really pamper my feet, but the mere idea of someone even touching my feet really freaks me out, never mind filing away or whatever they do. I do like to walk barefoot though, always have so while looking at feet freaks me out I’ll often wander around, even outside, barefoot! Sorry, I know I shouldn’t be exposing my clod hoppers to the world! I also pick up things with my feet, so I don’t have to bend, my mum doesn’t like that, it’s too monkey like! I suppose feet are maybe not meant to be pretty, they are functional?

I could never, ever kiss someones feet (except babies) and the thought of slipping a toe into my mouth…….vomit inducing! Maybe someone in the blogging universe could fill me in on how this can turn either party on?? So you see there some fetishes that are beyond even me…..


4 thoughts on “Unhappy Feet!

  1. i like picking things up with my feet, too!

    how about giving yourself a pedicure? i’m not mad on pedicures in beauty salons myself, they tickle so much and somebody else filing my nails makes me cringe…

    soak your feet in hot soapy water while watching crappy TV, treat them one at a time, rubbing it dry with a hard towel (exfoliates), including the nails! use an old nailfile for filing the hard skin (no danger of nasty injuries and blood poisoning), another one for the toe nails, pamper yourself with a delicious smelling cream or body butter, then pop on cotton socks and relax for half an hour. if you still have time have a go at nail polish, but make sure you use nail polish remover first because the polish won’t stick on top of the cream. for slightly funny looking nails there’s ‘ridgefilling’ nailpolish, which you put on as an undercoat.

    he he, i probably made you puke by just talking about pedicures and filing! sorry! i do the DIY pedicures every now and then, more in summer than winter i have to admit, and mostly before i am considering asking the husband for a footrub…

  2. as for the toe sucking – blurgh, couldn’t do it! i mean men’s feet are just a completely different story!! they have hair on them and all!

  3. God, you’re right, sucking a man’s toe would be ick. Em ,I have put my own toe in my mouth in the past (toe nail biting childhood), it’s very sensitive. So I can imagine, that if you weren’t ticklish or icked by it, it might be a close thing to a blow job?

    It’s hard to have nice feet alright, but I’m a firm believer in bare feet, I don’t know how people wear shoes inside – MW why shouldn’t you go barefoot, you’re the one who doesn’t like feet, why should other people mind?

    That sounds like a horrible, horrible accident though 😦

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