Filthy Update!

Sorry, this is nothing to do with filthy Badges…..but I’ve been dying to put this cartoon up for ages!

So the lovely Jo took delivery of her badge ( I have a team of midget slaves you know) and you can see her modelling it, and her fabulous cleavage here!
I have my eyes peeled at the moment for the next recipient!
So do the dirty!

10 thoughts on “Filthy Update!

  1. I have decided to reprise my tantric-based sex picture blog, in honor of the filthy awards

    It should eb posted in the next half hour or so

  2. TC, it is random……just highly organised randomness! It’s pretty random for me to actually get organised enough to turn on bloody computer!

  3. I think I gave instructions here before on how to enjoy a “69”. That must count for something?!!

    Ok then I’ll attempt something filthy…….

  4. ash, I can’t wait! Something with running, and sweating and panting, and then maybe kissing in the rain.. woo!

    Oo, MW is spreading the love of filth! Excellent!

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