Readers of my blog will know that I have a little tattoo, I designed it myself and it’s in that predictable place, just over my jeans on my spine!

So I have a dilemma, I have wanted a new tattoo, for quite a long time, but for several reasons it hasn’t happened, now I really want to do it, this is the right time in my life, I want to mark this point 35, end of marriage, new relationship, stronger than I ever though I could be!

But I have two issues, where to get it done, and what to get done!

So I am looking for suggestions, I’m gonna post up pictures of the two possible locations on my anatomy, and then pictures of possible tats, I would like some input, now if you are just gonna say “Tattoos are stupid!”, you are wasting your keystrokes, it’s my skin and I want to decorate it, I’ve had one for nearly ten years now! I posted a piccy of it already on my blog! I will take peoples suggestions too, anyone know a decent artist, cos the guy I went to has left Ireland! And of course I’ll post pictures of it at all levels of scabbiness! Last one healed well, but I was ten years younger!

So First things first, location…….


7 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Inside wrist, absolute now, that’s level 5 squeamishness. Then agen I know feck all about tattoos.

    Midge, I’ve been meaning to ask, where do you get your images from, they’re always really pretty.

  2. niall, that looks like it must have really hurt! The bonier the spot the more it hurts?

    Ash, I think he is bit too full on for me!

    Milan, it’s google images, I just love to trawl through the pictures!

  3. Midge,

    It felt like it was on fire two or three times, but the job was basically endurable – more discomfort than pain. It’s all pretty thin lines, though. A big square or something probably would have hurt a lot more.

  4. Niall,
    apparently the outline is the most painful bit, it has to be deeper, so the fact that yours is all little lines probably meant it hurt more than a larger square with just one outline?

    I remember the outline as hurting a lot, but then spine is painful enough like wrist and I’m assuming my thigh or shoulder will be better….neither of which are boney!

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