Location, location, location!

Wow! Well the top picture is my shoulder…love the freckle sun damage, amazing as I totally hate the sun and cover up totally, give me a burkka and I’d be happy! But the bottom photo is my right thigh, stretch marks and all!

These are the two possible locations? So what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Location, location, location!

  1. For a minute I forgot about the tats and I was thinking WHAT is she doing??

    Hmm. I like the shoulder location, the only prob is what if you want to be elegant and beeyoutiful in a ballgown? Will that be ok, or will it bother you? You may yet want to meet the queen…

    Though it’s less likely to change size and shape etc than a thigh.

    Tough call.

  2. I have a tattoo of a really ugly guy, on my face.

    Seriously though, I never understood tattoos, or rather the point of getting one.

    However if you want to get one, then where it should be placed is a matter of personal preference. And possibly of the pain involved (as I said, I know little about the mechanics) If you have to worry about someone seeing it, then are you not admitting that tattoos are sometimes inappropriate?

    I happen to think they aren’t, if you like them, get them, and put it where you like.

    As for The Queen of England, who cares what Elton John thinks?

  3. I don’t mind it being visible, but I like the thigh more I think, the fattier the spot the less painful it is, so my spine was not pleasant.

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