Sammy Update!

Jesus….I am crap at taking photos of that blooming squirmy snake….she just hates having her photo taken, typical woman, she so loves to slink around!

2 thoughts on “Sammy Update!

  1. Gotta be careful of sbnakes this time of year I believe they can get a reptile flu or something? The girls were fascinated at the idea of having a snake as a pet, but I think they are pretty happy with goldfish.

  2. TC, she wasn’t eating last week, but then she’d just shed her skin so they tend to be a bit off around that time.

    She is a great pet, only fed once a week, tank cleaned out once a month, once she has water and her heat pad is working she is happy! I highly recommend snakes as low maintainance pets, you can even go away for two weeks and not worry about it starving!

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