Confessions of a slummy mummy!

It’s 9:30 am, and already I am having a crappy day, I am returning to weight watchers this morning, which will be so nice, I’ve missed being judged but I’m going anyway, glutton for (bread and butter) punishment that I am, I’m still going back!

My new enamel kettle was boiled to death this morning, I am an old fogey and I have a kettle you put on the gas stove, and my lovely cream enamel one is now all horrible from boiling with nothing in it, while I didn’t notice the smell!

Baby isn’t well, think it’s a general, teething, immune system thing, has been really really clingy last week or so, then yesterday for three hours non stop he cried, nothing I did could console him, even neurofen didn’t work, he hadn’t a temperature, just bad form. Today he has crusty eyes, all yellow and gooey! So it’s cleaning those with cooled boiled watter constantly now! His illness hasn’t affected him too much he pulled down my venetian blind in the sitting room yesterday!

So this morning I am not feeling too great, now usually Tuesday is my Poosday, but today is Wednesday, I am heading to Dundrum to buy 5 birthday presents when my daughter is finished in Montessori, kids each have two parties on Saturday!!!!! There is light at the end of the tunnel, my BF is coming over tonight, but by the time he gets here,and the kids have been dispatched it’s gonna be snuggle on the sofa before falling into a coma like sleep!

Speaking of sleep it’s not really happening for me at the moment, apart from a narky ill baby my daughter 4 hasn’t been settled, it’s my fault, partly, last week my ex and I had a row, a really bad one, and the kids were in the house heard it all, now we have managed not to do this, and I won’t go into details here, and please don’t lecture me, I couldn’t feel any worse than I do. So my son is older, he can rationalise his fears and talk to me about how he felt and what it was like, my daughter is very literate but only four, so it’s harder for her, so she has been having broken sleep, literally waking to make sure I am still there!

But on Friday morning I was dropping her into Montessori and the teacher asked to speak to me, now I know my separation has been the talk of the school, and as a catholic cross wearing fanatic who teaches the children prayers (regardless of their faith, or lack there of) she does not approve of me! This was made very clear on Friday, she told me how my daughter was acting, and things she had been saying in the last week (never mind that for the last 6 months she was fine) so I thanked her for her concern and said I was aware of what was going on and that I was sure it was a reaction to this one off event, she seemed unconvinced, asked me was I seeing someone, laughing that my daughter had mentioned a boyfriend, and when I said yes (holding in the what the fuck business is it of yours!) She actually put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I know it’s hard but you must think of your children”!


So this morning while trying to get organised, eldest boy had been dispatched to school, feeding baby and daughter eating her toast while making a card for her ill nanny, my daughter says, “teacher says you have to come and hear me read”, grand, I say, no problem, “all the other mummies bring their children to school everyday so they have read for their mummies”, see my friend and I alternate, she brings the kids I collect them, but I’m a bad mummy, cos of that! Now everyday I see her teacher daily at pick up and she has said nothing to me about this, so I don’t know what the story is, my daughter isn’t neglected, I do a good job, as good a job as I did before I was single! Maybe better cos I’m aware the buck stops here?

I just want to stick it to her, I am defensive, yes but I am also being realistic, I don’t think I can do things better, apart from not fighting with my ex, which just isn’t gonna happen again, the emotional cost to all of us is just too much. If I was a normal working mother I’d be dropping my daughter in a creche at 7/8am and not picking her up till 6? I spend 21 hours a day caring for her, except for those 3 hours she is in Montessori, when I still have a baby to mind so it’s not like I’m off getting a massage or anything, in fact baby is so clingy I can’t even go to the gym anymore, he freaks out!

Sorry, feeling ranty today…ranty and ratty! Baby won’t stop crying or leave me alone………


11 thoughts on “Confessions of a slummy mummy!

  1. What a f*ckin cow that teacher is Midge! That’s feckin incredible, really, WTF!!!

    You’re doing nothing wrong MW, don’t let it get to you. She won’t be her teacher for long more now (couple of months). Just ignore it. She has no right to make you feel like that, what a wagon!

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; you are by far the finest and best mother I’ve ever met. I know what her car looks like. I can let her tyres down.

  3. Thanks guys, today didn’t get much better….I had a prang in Dundrum, the woman driving the other car was elderly, it as a 2008, VW Passat, her bumper was damaged, but as we were both reversing it was hard to tell who was responsible, so she said it was ok, she just said forget about it, I think cos I looked so stressed and the baby was crying!

  4. Next you should dent the teacher’s car.

    Just let it pour off you. She is not your kind of people. Just a few more months… Then somewhere secular for the baby!


  5. Never judge yourself by any standards set by someone of such little compassion.

    Hope the baby feels better soon

  6. Midge that’s mad. The words weapon and wagon are truly justified. And it’s true, if you were the average working woman you’d never see your kids. I wonder is she as critical of them.

    I find sometimes that carey people can be more critical than average because they expect everyone to be as ethical and one-worldy as them. I have a friend who does 3 human rights jobs, yet she will find fault with most of the people she comes across. It’s so PC-patronsing.

  7. I am sorry but I have to use the word again, what a stupid cunt your wan is. You actually should have told her to fuck off and mind your own business.

    I have a Parent teacher meeting to go to tonight yes shan jr is only 22 months but I think its for parent to meet one another (hope it not to set up a swingers club I am in too many of them already) but I would be horrified if I hear anything like that been said to me.

    Anyhow just forget about that bitch, she probably just sits at home on her own playing the banjo all day cause no one else would touch her.

  8. BTW the yellow goo from the babies eyes watch that could be conjunctivitis very contagious get brolene drops, if it hasnt cleared up, works a treat.

  9. I think it is conjunctivitis, I have been doing the cooled bolied water, but my lovely friend Jo has promised me some breast milk tomorrow, naturally antibacterial and gentle on his eyes, I am one lucky woman! Thanks for the support guys, Hope the swinging works out for you Shan!

  10. How dare she , who does she think she is .
    does she have kid’s . It’s the hardest job in the world allway’s wondering if you are doing thing’s right.
    maybe you should get her a horse she sounds as if she could do with a good ride.

  11. Ails,

    She has one grown up son, her husband is Egyptian and he isn’t in Ireland, she is English….an English Catholic! She wears pearls….I think the only ride she’s ever had would have been on a hobby horse…not even a real one!
    I am always wondering what am I doing? I actually think too much I suppose!

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