Filthy Friday!

This weeks filthy was a close one, four of my group blog buddies looking for the little black shiny object. Milan with Pron, Ails with this confessional, Atreus specialising in elderly ice cream sex and Shan with this! But I’m afraid my friends much as I approve of nepotism the badge is going to Gneas, just cos I love it so much, the concept and the activity!

Well done Damien, but sure you probably don’t want a filthy….if you do drop me your address!


6 thoughts on “Filthy Friday!

  1. MW – in case you haven’t seen. I commented on this last Fri but on Damien’s blog cause blogger was down. I bow to the superior filth of others.

  2. Milan, I would feel wrong if in the search for a filthy badge I corrupted your Bronte like sensibilities!

    Thanks, I checked out both your and Davids posts and both of them are filthy enough to be underconsideration for this weeks filthy!


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