A Retraction

I would like to apologise for my awful late night post on Friday night….actually early hours of Saturday morning! I have actually no idea what the fuck it was about, or who Tom is, or what my boyfriend and i were fighting over…..all I know is I woke shivering on the sofa at four in the morning, crawled into bed beside him and had no idea there was a problem until next morning when I was driving home and he called me and tried to read the crazy ramblings to me over the phone!

In an attempt to explain we were out on Friday night, ” The Blue Note” on Capel Street and had a few alcoholic beverages (they had Coors light on draught…..maybe I was a bit bold!) But we had a great night, well I did anyway, and it even ended with chip sandwiches, so perfect!

So to my boyfriend, and to you the blogging community I apologise for using the Internet while drunk….. very very dangerous!

Btw the red dress and corset is my option for next Saturday at the burlesque night, I have to admit on Monday morning, dressed in a Stones T-Shirt and crappy jeans it just seems like too much effort!


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