First Steps

It’s been going on for weeks now my 13 month old will take one or two faltering steps and then just plop down on his bottom in shock, I was starting to think he was just too lazy, as even the baby sitter had said he wouldn’t try to walk.

But today he did it, just stood up and walked about three feet…….he could do it just like that, which is a bit worrying and ties into my belief that he is a genius….an evil genius that is, who has been walking secretly for how long now? He has also learned how to hug and kiss, and crawl down backwards off chairs or beds. Yes he is 13 months….just turned thirteen months, but will it be lucky or unlucky for me?

I have a serious problem, he won’t wear shoes, of any sort, and now that weather is warmer not even a sock goes near his feet, (which is probably why he has increased his mobility) He is not going to wear any kind of shoe, just as an aside now, he took my mobile phone and put in in between the door and the frame just now…..and smashed it! OH GOD!

Does anyone know if they still do exorcisms in John Lane’s church?

Love him and his evil ways!


3 thoughts on “First Steps

  1. it’s probably really healthy for his feet! you could worry about it again in autumn and let him have barefoot fun for the summer!
    i saw my baby’s feet for the first time today, on the ultrasound! amazing!

  2. Congrats, peitseoiga – it’s amazing!

    I didn’t buy my daughter shoes til well after she was walking, and only then at pressure from my mother inlaw who wanted to rob the experience off me.

    My daughter walked at 13 months exactly – I think it’s common enough!

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