I have angsted over posting this since Saturday, I have literally been lying in my bed thinking…should I? I went to the burlesque club on Saturday night, I felt great, I actually felt like a completely different person, which I enjoyed, (my “real” life is fine, but lacking in real excitement, so a little spice is exciting) and I drank a lot of vodka…..

Now vodka is not something I would usually drink, in fact spirits are not things I would drink when out, they are too expensive and they make me a randy drunk.

So Saturday night after the show had finished my boyfriend (well as of this moment he is still my boyfriend but I don’t think he will be happy to read this post and so ……? But this is my blog, I believe in honesty about my life and my actions, and I only ever tell the truth) and I were sitting in the cocktail bar bit of the venue, chatting and drinking, I was on a vodka and adrenaline high. We spotted a couple of girls sitting down from us, one of them was chatting up the bar man while the other pleaded with some guy on the other end of her mobile, I was feeling empowered (you know watching women dance around in nipple tassels exuding sexual power makes you feel pretty good) so I went over, asked could I sit down, sat down and told her he was an idiot, she was a young beautiful woman and there were fifty guys in the club she could date who’d be better than him…..I know, believe it or not I do this even when sober, it’s like late night social worker stuff!

She was lovely, a social worker, early twenties, country girl living in Dublin, (I will not describe her, or name her) and she was chatting away, she seemed perkier and her friend came back so I started saying my goodbyes, “Have a great night”, I said….and she kissed me! (this is important….she kissed me, not the other way around, that alone is strange enough, I seem to be more the instigator when it comes to lust!) On the lips with tongues (well her tongue…mine was in shock) and I don’t know how long it lasted but I know when she whispered in my ear “you have amazing breasts..”and started to explore the aforementioned breasts, I woke up and remembered my boyfriend was sitting 8 feet away from us!!! I got up and excused myself, went to the bar, ordered a double, downed it before facing my boyfriend, who God love him looked like an anvil had just dropped on his toe……

I was drunk, I was bold, I am sorry, but it was exciting, it was so exciting!

And that’s it, the rest of the story is not for outing as it involves other people I care about, but that bit, the bit I just wrote, I am putting it up, not to hurt my boyfriend or anyone, but just for me, just a reminder that I am still alive and my life can still surprise me in funny ways… So maybe when I am feeling down, feeling a bit old, past it, dried up and discarded, I can remember the night a sexy young wan made a move on me! Superficial….Oh my God yes!


14 thoughts on “Confessional!

  1. It seems to me, that there is perhaps a lot out there for some one who is looking for it, that should not be run away from if it’s what she wants…

    What will you regret when you’re looking back in forty years?

  2. Midge that’s a classic story (even though you were supposed to tell me if you were going to the Burlesque and didn’t!)

    They are definitely the things to remember. I find lately that there’s so many things to make me feel worthless that it’s nice to have moments of attention and empowerment.

  3. Midge, you are dead right. It is experiences like this that make you feel alive. I have been involved in some odd drunken situations myself once or twice and thinking about them makes me smile!

  4. WOW! Having a hot young wan make a move on you has to be the coolest thing EVER!! What a way to make you feel, sexy, wonderful, gorgeous, empowered, attractive, young, alive, hot!!!!!

    Not so great for himself I suppose but…. 😉

  5. Dear Midget,

    I thankfully stumbled upon your blog today and was quite taken by your posting “Confessional”. You recited the events of your evening very well…I was left wanting to know some more about it. There are times in our lives when we need the moments of attention and empowerment. The fix can be a thrilling experience indeed. I have my own deep fantasies and secrets that I do my best to keep under wraps. But I must admit there have been the odd occasions when I have acted as you have on this occasion, and simply flew close to the flame!!
    Take Care,

  6. Ok, this is a long one, thanks for the virtual slaps on the backs guys, but I am still filled with guilt 🙂 Ails you need to get Idiot and Shan to bring you and your hubby to the Tassel club in August, there were loads of people of your vintage there, seriously! Shan, I knew, just knew you’d say that….video? Jesus that would be one for You Tube, will have to tell boyfriend to be more o the ball in future…if I get snogged, tape it! 😉

    I have checked out your blog, it is a great way to express your desires and fantasies, in a safe way. Now don’t get me wrong, putting your inner most desires in any public forum can lead to problems, people have often disagreed with my opioions here and that’s the risk you take, but keep going, it’s fasinating to have an insight into your innermost workings!

    Midge x

  7. Jaysus bringing me MA to a den of iniquity, you must be kidding. I would be morto.

    Well if I was there I would have had the camera out for sure, I try not to miss those sorts of opportunities.

  8. Hee hee hee Shan, you are an ill man…there is medication to help! It’s not a fecking den of anything…although scouts have dens and I wouldn’t be suprised to see grown men dressed as scouts……in fact my Boyfriend has lovely legs….hmmmm

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