I had never been here before Saturday, when wandering through the georges street arcade the beautiful corsets and 50’s style dresses caught my eye, once inside the rock band t shirts in sizes from new born to meatloaf totally dazzled me!

So with the next burlesque event less than two weeks away I am heading in on Friday to purchase a dress, corset and underskirt……I know, maybe I am silly, I always loved dressd up you see, classic black and white noir or colourful MGM musicals I love the drama the style, women look like women and men look like men. I am fond of jeans and t shirts but that’s generally work clothes and I dispise the generic, unisex way men and women dress. Also the urge to dress up never left me, my daughter wore a bowler hat into school on Friday, I really don’t see what is wrong with that or why waering tutu’s or lepord costumes has to be limited to fancy dress parties. I know some people love to be generic, like to fit it, and I have felt such pressure since I had children, not wanting them to be jeered cos mum showed up with a nose stud (that disappeared after my first few visits to Holles street, there was an attitude!) I just want to be myself, ok ? And surely nights out where people wear everything from fetish wear to heidi costumes is a good time for dressing how I want? I won’t wear the 50’s attire to the parent teacher meeting, but I will wear it for “special” nights out…

Well. I say “special”, I’m hoping there will be a lot more nights like the one I had on Saturday, I felt so at home, so comfortable, probably cos it’s a fringe thing, kinda outsiders and I like that. I just felt so swishy! I really missed how sexy my arms and hands looked in those sexy black gloves….great for covering up less than attractive hands and nails, Madonna do yourself a favour and cover up the sinew…oh don’t forget the age spots! (BITCHY!)

I just loved it! I felt like a new world opened up for me, I hope it lasts and it’s not a fad for me, like my jewellery making….or the cake decoration service….or the dominatrix service!


5 thoughts on “Retro!

  1. GOTCHA! Remember you giving out to me for suggesting Madonna should adapt her dress to her age? And now you’re slaggin’ off her age spots?

    So the jewellery making’s over? Boo! It was good!

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