Budget Burlesque

I know it’s rather blurred…I’m a crap photographer, but this is the result of three hours in Dundrum today. My eldest son had a birthday party in Dundrum Movies today ( anyone with kids knows this is the birthday party fucking season…..I have two kids of party going age….May is not over….10 parties already!) so I set my self a challenge, as if a narky four year old daughter (“why can’t I go to a party today!”) and a teething baby weren’t enough of a challenge! I set myself the challenge of buying as much burlesque themed stuff as I could for 30 euro! And for 32 euro exactly this is what I got! Penny’s and Claire’s accessories provided my stash.
There are very frilly panties, long red gloves, a red choker, three different head feathery things, red feathery chopsticks for my hair. I think I did really well, I totally love all the feathery silky frilliness! My daughter and I had a ball, it’s funny when you set a specific shopping agenda what you come up with, I have to say she looked great with the long gloves on, and I wondered, am I a bad mother? It’s not sexual, of course not, I’m not dressing her in bloody micro minis or crop tops, but it is such a huge part of being girly, the enjoyment of the sensual.
Anyway, my friend was commenting on how expensive my new interest sounded and I just wanted to say, actually if you know what you want it’s not to bad, I was very disappointed thought, there was a lovely dress in H&M for 22.50 but it was only in sizes 12 to 8…..Grrr!

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