Burlesque is back!

As I still can’t comment I have to respond to comments in posts…..not really great fun!

So Eoghan, this is for you, you are correct the Tassel Club isn’t back until August, they are in Cork in July, and I think I might be a very naughty girl and go down for the night (waits for dirty laughter!) But the “Dublin Burlesque Ball” is on in Crush Saturday the 31st of May, so next week. I am going to that you see….

Not only am I going to that but I am also dressing up my friend that I am bringing with me, hence the need for extra gloves and false eyelashes! I actully got my dress yesterday in Retro, last week I went all Moulin Rouge meets dominatrix but this time is 1950’s style, with a full underskirt, very girly, very innocent! I can’t wait!

I actually love the 50’s style dress so much I can see myself wearing it out on non “dress up” occasions! I was definately born in the wrong era!

So there you are, I will post a oicture of the dress during the week, need red killer shoes to go with it!


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