Filthy Friday on a Monday…..

The winner of this weeks badge, well actually last weeks badge is Paolo in Dublin, not for any particular post but for being willing to talk about his enjoyment of spanking on the interweb! So Paolo send me you address and a badge will wing it’s way to you!

Anyone else got any suggerstions of bloggers who talk openly about sex?

I was asked last week as a “Sassy” blogger who talks about sex to contribute to a documentary about sex in Ireland, but as there are other people involved, my ex and current partner, I am not gonna do it. I want to be open and honest, but I also don’t want to “out” my partners sexual secrets and it’s difficult to do one without the other…..Unless I was shot in darkness….with a freakishly deep voice…”Hi I’m Midge and I like sex…” !

Anyway, onwards and upwards!


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