Happy Belated Birthday Midget Wrangler!

My blog was one year old on the 1st of May, for some reason I was confused and thought I’d begun writing at the end of May last year, sleep deprivation, whatever! This means I know my blogging friends Ash and Jo for a year too!

A hell of a lot has happened in that year, in a way it’s insane I began blogging when I did, unaware of what the future held. I thought my blog would be somewhere to vent about being a stay at home mum with three young children, which it is in part but it is also a record of my marriage breaking down and breaking up, my struggling with being alone for the first time ever, my issues with my body, struggles to find myself, my experiences dating for the first time ever at 34….things I could never have foreseen! The blog still helps me now, as it is the one place I feel safe to be honest, to be myself, I don’t feel as alone when I blog, I feel connected to a bigger community and that is important to me now more than ever.

I hope my blog will remain a part of my life and that I will make more connections with more fascinating people! As it is I have a record of the last year of my life, and even if the rest of the world finds it boring as hell I am amazed I managed to write it down (in what I hope was an entertaining manner) people ask me, “what’s happening? What have you been up to?” I answer typically Irish…”Nothing much!” But looking back over the last 13 months, I’ve been up to quite a lot actually!


4 thoughts on “Happy Belated Birthday Midget Wrangler!

  1. Happy Birthday, Midge. Your writing is honest and entertaining. Always real. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to thread your ideas together.

  2. How’d you get the picture? Is it a theme or did you customise? I think I need a wordpress guru!

    We’re not sisters in pink anymore…

  3. Lexia,
    Thanks for the support (and the badge which my evil ex hasn’t given me yet !) It means a lot. As for threading ideas together…I do go off on incredibly long tangents, but in reality that’s the way I am I suppose!

    Celebrate yours! Us newbie bloggers who actually stick with it shoud be proud of ourselves! Sorry about the pink…it was seriously doing my head in! It’s a customised pic, I love it! My Ex was my Guru, he has volunteered his services to you!

    Thanks again! We can be burlesque buddies?

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