Knee Highs

I know all I have posted about so far is fashion…..hmm? There is stuff going on in my life again, it’s like that elephant in the middle of the room, right there but you try to ignore it, I am trying to look just slightly beyond my problems at the moment cos when I look at the elephant it just stomps all over me! It’a that thing my mum used to say when I was younger, dogs can sense your fear, so never show it, but of course the fact that the wild slobbering animal in front of me is somehow blessed with the gift of second sight just makes me even more afraid….A rabid and clairvoyant dog….? Great!

So things ain’t great, there are the boring monetary issues, still there, still bogging me down no matter how carefully I budget, kids wear out clothes, need haircuts and go to parties (getting to the point where I am thinking can I afford this birthday party, another 25 euro for a card and gift (now I now you will probably have loads of lovely suggestions for saving money, but my kids, coming from a “broken” home (don’t you just fucking love that?) well they are already “different”, and showing up with a homemade gift when everyone else brings power rangers….? That will just make them more different and as much as I appreciate friends charity some strangers (kids in my son’s class) have started giving me hand me downs…Put me downs?

So as regards money any idea as to how I earn a bit, turn some tricks? Or if there is a wonderful Blog fairy I could really do with a hand, hand out? 😦 I hate being in this position, I’m alone, I feel so insecure and vulnerable, it’s really scary. Things were never great for my hubby and I financially while married (all you need is love, livin on a prayer…fucking bullshit!) now that I am alone in the same home with the same bills it’s harder, there is no love, no one to say, fuck it, we’ll be alright….. It’s vulgar talking about money isn’t it, it’s like sex, we just don’t do it? We don’t talk about it cos we feel ashamed, not coping, don’t have enough or we don’t want people to know what we have…I don’t know, personally I’d rather talk about anal sex than my financial affairs but I am at the end of my tether and I need to vent it out to the bloggesphere!

My son had his school play tonight, my ex and my daughter came with me, my ex’s mother minded the baby, the right thing to do was what we did, be there for my son, let him see us united, still a unit at times when he needed us, but I slipped, I let my guard down, I looked at the other mothers I knew, there with their husbands and younger or older kids, tears welled, that ease, that happiness, that relaxed sense of belonging, no matter how polite and kind we are to each other we’ll never be like that, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever be like that with anyone ever again, all the barriers down, no booby traps on the perimeters…I just don’t see it! And that, that makes me extremely sad.

So to the knee highs……

These are what I bought in La Senza lovely aren’t they? with the black and red dress they will be so cute…I am seriously thinking of opening up some kind of Wild West Saloon in my kitchen, I could have Chorus Girls and shots of whiskey…Yay! Obviously my legs are slightly more shapely, but I still think they look great! Love my legs, my second favorite part of my body…..Filthy badge for the person who guesses my favorite bit?

I also got some cute buy one get one free underwear there a few weeks ago, my boyfriend has seen this one on ….

Looks much nicer on the size 8 model, but I think I fill it out a bit better, I obviously am not gonna post pictures of myself in underwear on my blog, unless people send me money….or butter vouchers πŸ™‚ So here is the one he hasn’t seen on me….

I actually like this one the most, and have scarlet fishnet stockings to go with it…still haven’t worn it though, it’s funny how stress and worry can make you feel unsure about yourself in so many aspects of your life. And finally if there is a frilly pants fairy here are the pants I want left under my pillow…..

Actually looking at frilly nice things cheered me up…who would have thought that sexy underwear could lift a tired soul? Maybe I could make money from that, Mistress Midgets Miserable no more Lingerie Programme?


11 thoughts on “Knee Highs

  1. I still reckon ironing, though hideous and soul destroying, might be your most lucrative stop gap.

    And I would also look further into the doula thing. Bearing in mind that they are primarily labour companions, despite the fact that they might occasionally help out knackered mothers with a wee bit of housework on one of their pre or post labour visits. They seem to charge between $500-700 a job, if memory serves.

    Beyond that – fluffing?

  2. By the way, €25 for birthday parties? I do $10-$15 for a present, and a card on top. Any more than that is embarrassing!

  3. Hey Midge, love the new blog, welcome to the wonderful world of wordpress πŸ˜‰

    I feel your pain on the parties…Eve is a party butterfly, I swear she has a better social life than I’ve ever had but where are you buying your party gifts? Tescos is the place for presents as far as I’m concerned and they’re the real deal…Barbies/Power Rangers and I don’t spend over fifteen.

    I think the doula suggestion is fantastic, I know if I ever go again (ha!) I’ll be looking for a doula and I reckon there’s a huge need for it here in Ireland.

  4. Yeah, there seems to be only a couple round this area, and it’s a very personal thing, it’s important to have choice, match people to personality.

  5. Jo,
    I will seriuosly sell my body on the streets before I iron, I am not gonna do that, I am not Mrs Mop…sorry but I may be broke but I have my pride, and when I don’t have that then I am really fucked. Doula thing is interesting, but Irish hospitals aren’t allowing them any more are they? also, having to leave at 2 am or somehting, that wouldn’t work with the three kids in bed.

    As for parties, Maybe 15 euro works if kids are our daughters age….but 10 year old boys? They don’t want toys anymore it’s vouchers or money, and each year I see what my son gets from friends, and 20 euro is minimum! I have some crappy cards ok, but for “special” “best” friends I have to get nicer ones!

    Tesco is great alright, and if I find something good I’ll buy one or two extra, but as I said that’s fine for the little ones, but my older son is a preteen….power rangers and barbie long forgotten for his peers!

    Lovin WordPress!

  6. Never ever be afraid to say :I can’t aford to do something: every thing will be ok eventually. I remember not having the money for a pair of tight’s. I know you are on your own but a lot of women are alone even though there might be a partner around. Next time you look at other parent’s look a bit deeper they may not be as happy or contented as you think. You have a great attitude enjoy yourself and remember don’t be afraid to say I can’t afford that .

  7. Good point about the teens – crappy toys not enough anymore. Sheesh! Gift vouchers? Hmmmm, youth today, eh? Well, hopefully the party season will be over soon.

    I’m hoping the need for doulas will push the hospitals to change – women hopefully won’t accept it,will vote with thier feet etc. I know what you mean about the nightimes, you’d need something sorted out. It would be the same for midwifery, though I suppose you’d know your shifts in advance that way.

  8. You don’t have money for haircuts but you buy fancy stockings for yourself? Stop whinging about moeny problems then.

  9. Bla,
    Why the hell would you want to put a comment like that up? seriously? My children all got haircuts during the week I also bought them their uniforms for next september. I used what remained of my savings, I bought my self stockings too, gosh 12 euro! I’ve spent weeks looking at them thinking I couldn’t buy them, every extra penny I get my hands on I put away, sometimes people give me a few bob for my birthday or christmas and all that goes away into my treat tin, treats like a pizza with the kids or a coffee with a friend, or a night out, a trip to a fun centre with the kids, food for a BBQ for my friends. ( I will not get a haircut, chose to spend my money on stockings instead)
    Just as you are entitled to put up a stupid ill informed comment on my blog I am entitled to talk about what’s on my mind on my blog! I don’t smoke, but I consider people who spend money on cigarretes insane, so you might consider fancy stockings a stupid thing to spend money on, but that pair of stocking will bring me so much pleasure, they are so pretty draped on my wardrobe, all frilly and lacey. I love pretty things, and I don’t feel guilty for that.

    I also could have just deleted your comment you know, but I wanted to respond. We all choose what we spend our money on don’t we? Different things are important to different people I suppose! Some people have no attachment to material things at all.

    I mean thanks be to the Goddess we are all different huh? Life would be incredibly grey and uniform otherwise.

  10. Hi, I hope things improve for you, and good on you for staying as strong as you can in the meantime. I just had a question about the knickers in the last photo. Could you tell me where I could find knickers like those frilly ones? A website or brand name would be wonderful if you still have the information handy. Thanks, and I loved those heart stockings, they must have looked great with your dress. Take care.

  11. Costal Aussie,
    Those particular pants can be bought in a shop in Temple bar in Dublin, also a shop on the top floor of the Stephens Green shopping centre (I am crap at names) also Retro in Georges Street mall in Dublin have them (that’s where I got my dress) But If you are not in the vicinity of Dublin here is a good Burlesque Website


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