The Retro Dress

My first post on WordPress, and it’s about my beautiful new 1950’s style dress I got in Retro last Friday, I will post a picture of me all dolled up on Saturday night, but for now here is me in the front garden, my neighbours and my kids friends thought it was hilarious! Look there is poor Midge, poor deranged Midge dressed up like Minnie Mouse…… Hm-mm?



I haven’t decided on shoes yet but I did get really great over the knee stockings that have a red seam with love hearts all up the back and lace and a red silky bow ant the top…yummy! I really want a pair of rediculusly frilly pants! Maybe the frilly pants fairy will bring me some!

I really love it, you can’t see the pale blue net underskirt, put if I twirl around you can! Yes I know, it’s just such a perfect girlie dress, which (and I don’t want to be morbid) but I want to be buried in this dress….stockings high heels and all! It just feels so right. Maybe I was born in the wrong era, or maybe it’s just cos it’s different but I am totally hooked, I am already saving up for my next trip to Retro, I want a long line red corset….. mmmm corset!


8 thoughts on “The Retro Dress

  1. brill dress!
    you should also check out the dress up nights at the ‘route66’ i think currently located in the camden ballroom. every now and then it’s dress up, costumes from 20s through to 60s, and you get to twirl on the dancefloor to show off the underskirt!

  2. Péitseoga,
    Thanks for the advice, that sounds exactly like my thing, I saw my first ever live gig in the Ballroom off Camden Street, wonder if it’s the same place! Oh don’t worry I will be twirling like there is no tomorrow on Saturday night…..Oh so excited!

  3. Jo,
    There is no need for any underwear as it is such a good fit and boned so well! Seriously It’s the best fit dress I’ve ever worn! IIf I could get it in several different colours I would! It’s perfect!

  4. Wow that dress is gorgeous! I’m so filled with boob envy 😦

    You look super hot Midge! I’d say it feel really girly and sexy and you probably love doing twirls in it! 😉

  5. Mc,
    I am commenting I have about two months of other blogs to catch up on and comment…or do I just turn over a new leaf start from today? Thanks I’ll probably still be wearing dress at BBQ on Sunday…FireHazzard perhaps?

    I have body envy when it comes to you so we are even 🙂
    I am gonna just twirl so much….one vodka and I’ll be so dizzy I’ll be drunk!

  6. Ails,
    there is a picture of my mum’s mum in a silver dress really like it, at a “dance” with my granda, he looked like fred astaire…really, it’s my favourite image of them, they are young and healthy, my grnada was ill for the last 30 years of his life my nanna struggled, she was a fighter, amazing woman, told me never to fall in love (as she had done) to have a career and be happy! She must be pissed at me now, but she adored me, and I know she would adore my kids! Glad you like the dress, it’s so lovley, you should visit the shop, for old times sake? 🙂

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