My next big Thing

Actually it’s an incredibly old thing, I was one of the idiots who used to dress up occasionally and go to the Classic in Harold’s cross for some cross dressing and toast throwing! I wasn’t part of any clique though and alone, my then boyfriend and I would catch the 18 bus clad like transvestites! We loved it. It was a shame they closed it down, but by then we were settled and married with kids, we stopped going when we “grew up” I suppose.

I actually loved it so much I went several times to the stage version in the SFX, where Stephen Brennan played Frank n Furter and Alan Stanford was an excellent narrator!

And now it is coming to the Sugar club for one night only, no tickets can be bought in advance! I can’t wait for 8pm on Friday June 13Th, Fifteen Euro for the night, you can’t beat that! I will be in the queue early in my fishnets, I haven’t decided who to go as Magenta? Columbia….Eddie? Nerdy Janet? Anyway I am so excited, ao after my Burlesque Ball on Saturday two weeks till my next dress up! I do love it so much!

Last year Posh spice or Mrs Beckham, whatever she calls herself these days, said she was a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, firstly I’d say she’s a gay man trapped in a little boys body (please, please don’t comment on that misphrasing) and I think I am a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, false eyelashes, yes please, perspex heels yes please, faux fur…..bring it on! Maybe watching Coronation Street as a child affected me, Bet Lynch was glam personified, I wanted a cigarette holder, leopard coat, blonde beehive!


5 thoughts on “My next big Thing

  1. One more time the story of the night I heckled Alan Stanford with the standard “BORIIIIIING!” only for him to look up from his book, arch an eyebrow and say:

    “How terrible to be so alone…..”

    Put me right back in my box…

  2. It’s going to be great dressing up Midge.

    I definitely think the Bet Lynch look is for you.

    Congrats on the Word Press move. I’m not so sure about which is better but I think I prefer the look of this one already.

  3. my dear Ms Wrangler,

    Do you want to apply for the Alternative Miss Ireland?
    I can just imagine the costumes and the talent piece.

    It would be a very interesting bloggers meet up

  4. hee hee Will, that would be something else alright but I have seen the beauties and I would feel very insecure! Going to the Bingo in the george is enough to throw me into a downward spiral of chocolate fuelled binge eating! “What’s the point, I’ll never have legs that are as slender and long as those…”

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