Filthy Friday

The end of my first day as a non drinker, I am feeling OK, I really don’t think I can l;look at another chocolate digestive biscuit or cup of tea though!

There has been a lot happening this week, I swapped from Blogger to WordPress and I gave up booze….actually not that much I suppose, but enough to stop me from spending enough time checking out all the lovely blogs I usually read! So I have no filthy badge winner for this week. Next Friday when I give out my badge it will be slightly different, instead of giving it to a naughty post I am just gonna give it to a post or a blog that I really am enjoying……I will still consider any filthy posts people chose to submit to me, but guys there just isn’t enough filth on the Irish Blog scene….seriously we should hang our heads in shame!

So next week, different criteria, same badge, same bat channel!


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