The Dublin Burlesque Ball…..

Well, maybe there were a few odd balls there but it definitely didn’t qualify as a ball! It was lovely to dress up and I have to say my boyfriend looked particularly sexy in his outfit as did my two lovely friends Jo and Ash, I was very pretty in my retro dress, but the ball was a no show!

Now this was my first proper night out as a newly sober non drinker and I had such high hopes, I parked my car and we had to walk about ten minutes to get to the “venue”, it was cool, peoples head definitely turn when you are wearing a 1950’s replica dress, stockings with hearts up the back long black gloves etc! One random girl took a photo of me…..bizarre!

We arrived after eight, a handful of people already in situ, the tickets had said doors opened at seven thirty, so we grabbed a few seats and a couple of drinks (soft), we relaxed into our fairly opulent surroundings, and enjoyed the view. The place filled up as the night moved on, the costumes were fab, there were some extremely sexy ladies in very skimpy lingerie, and men in delicious suits! There were some interesting characters too, there were two guys and a girl, she was wearing a kind of Gothic funeral Victorian combo (actually think she was a pony girl) one of the guys she was with was bearded and scary and the other looked like a woman, but was a man, wearing some kind of military uniform, then there was a guy trying to look like Richard Gere in an officer and a gentleman I mustn’t forget to mention the guy who was absolutely beautiful and on crutches, with Latino looks and long flowing locks he was very Vampire Lestat!

So music was playing some of which was lovely, from burlesque to Bobby Darin, but when Lionel Ritchie sang “Three times a Lady”, my spidey sense started tingling, something ain’t right! Then there was the moment, the moment every woman dreads, someone walked in wearing nearly the same dress as me, it was the same except it was pink and navy instead of red and black! I was mortified, and she was a big girl too, it was like we had both shopped at the Out-sized Warehouse! So we are chatting away, we had given up on a show starting, as it was ten thirty at this stage and the “Hostess” announces that the show is starting, with two singers who have taken time out from recording with Mary Coughlan to join us (now spidey sense is on super alert!) They are OK, singing away but not very burlesque at all, my two lovely friends choose this moment to leave and we kiss our bye byes!

That was the beginning of the end, my lovely (sexy) boyfriend and I were discussing science (don’t you dare laugh, I am a multifaceted human being….) and the next singer began, Oh dear GOD! I managed one song before I thought my head was gonna explode and I had to tell my boyfriend I wanted to leave, my ears were melting, as we left we had to walk past the culprit (singer?) a Rockabilly guy with Docs singing a drunk, jazz version of, wait for it…”Love Cats”, by the Cure! Seriously! How can that be burlesque!

So in short, I did not get my hit of burlesque, we were home before the witching hour and disappointed to have paid 15 euro for that! So I am hoping to make it to Cork in July to give my dress a proper outing!


20 thoughts on “The Dublin Burlesque Ball…..

  1. Yeah – I loved the atmosphere, the outfits, the dj was good, the venue – but it was badly organised – too much wondering what was going to happen, and then the ‘entertainment’ was a disappointment.

    If they got that right, I’d go again – and the dinner combo would be great, it looks like a nice restaurant and bar, there was a nice buzz.

    I was just too strung out worrying about work to relax and enjoy myself, and I was uncharacteristically all out of conversation – sorry for bailing, but here I am at 8am, I’m up, trying to get working/making kids breakfast and I feel wrecked, like I’ve got a hangover – despite resisting the beautiful looking cocktails ($10.50!).

    And now, I must go change a smelly nappy…

  2. I get invited to nothing (see monkeyballs blog)

    It’s not like I don’t have a dress to wear etc

    I must console myself with the (incorrect) assumption that my animal magnetism would be too much for you all

  3. You should have stuck around longer. The burlesque entertainer Bella a Go Go was superb in her many guises.

  4. Pity it did not live up to expectations for you Midge. So you left early with the boyfriend AND dressed up as you were…….Me thinks there is more to the story of your burlesque evening out I’m sure.

  5. Jo,
    You are right it was a lovely atmosphere, I think I just had expectations that were higher than yours, you didn’t know what to expect! But I am so glad you came and I hope I can convince you to get a ticket for the Tassel club in August?

    You know Rocky Horror is coming up…Your dress could get an outing then? I’m sure your legs would look great in fishnets!

    I know, we left really early but I was really put off by the singer, I’m sure Bella was excellent, but sometimes it’s just hard to be patient when you are sober and it’s late…? I’m sure you understand?

    The rest of my evening was EXTREMELY pleasant, thanks for asking……

  6. Rob,
    I haven’t been invited to Jo’s get-to-gether either! I only brought her to the Burlesque night and had her here for a BBQ……(btw I am aware she is reading this, I just enjoy winding her up) I am so sad, I thought she was my Fwriend! I don’t comment on Mr Majors blog though, there are so many comments it’s like a chat board (and I have commentors envy!) Also next Friday I am hoping to take my boyfriend to Radio head! But if that falls through we might stalk you guys!

  7. You’ll love her Rob, she is a little ray of light! Although I have no idea how she eats those Tesco meatless burgers…Sorry sweetie they were vile! I like the Eddies ones cos they don’t look like plastic meat! I will have to do a bottle of BBQ sauce for you to use as you please!

    You never forwarded your address for the Filthy badge, if you want it please let me know!

  8. Since when did anyone need an invitation to a public gig? I’m not having a frigging party there you know! you’re making me sound like Peter Whatsiname, the orange, lulleted lapdancer guy – Stringfellow! Like I’ll be sitting in State in Doran’s with Chippendales flanking my throne (hmm, that sounds ruder than I meant it to).

    I have such Radiohead envy, why has no one invited me to that? Hmm??

    And anyway, Ms Wrangler, I’ve been trying to get to get you to a Juice gig since we met, what, over a year ago?

    It may be that I have Given Up… 🙂

    I’ll be on for the Tassle Club though (perhaps not in Cork), Ellen too. I’m sure Rob would be delighted to give his moobs a corsetted uplift and airing for the Rocky Horror.

  9. BTW: The veggie burgers aren’t the best, I know, but they’re not so great well done and cold, you need the trimmings etc.

    But to try and eat a real burger, no matter how gourmet, would make me barf so they do just fine for the burger experience!

  10. You’re obviously her real friends over here, MW. There was no mention of any dress-up ball that she was going to over on Twenty’s site.

    We’re just her bit of rough.

  11. Jo,
    Where is King Solomon when you need him, he’d sort this out fairly quickly with a sword wouldn’t he??? Burgers I’m sure were grand, I prefered the big mushrooms in a bun to tell the truth! Sorry about radio head, didn’t know you were a fan?

    If you’ve ever met the lovely Jo then using phrases like ” We’re just her bit of rough” very very true, she is a lady! That is exactly why I need her as my friend…to counter my “laddish” tendiencies! She’s Professor Higgins to my Eliza!

  12. The big mushrooms were gorgeous! Definitely nicer than anything processed, you’re right. There’s just that burgery craving sometimes.

    I’m a lady? Hah!

  13. I really enjoyed the night Midge. I know I left early but I was dying of a cold and felt I was lowering the mood! I could have sat there and stared around me all night. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new and different experience. I’m dying to tell people where I went, I think it makes me sound exciting for a change (cos you kno all I do is run….and swim…..and cycle….)


  14. A burlesque ball? I’d love to go to one. Lottie has been dying to get dressed up for something like that for so long. I’m getting worried about her in fact. She’s been dancing around the apartment in full ball gowns lately. Weird!

  15. Argh! I was accidentally logged in as Lottie (lizlyons). That post was from me!

    “A burlesque ball? I’d love to go to one. Lottie has been dying to get dressed up for something like that for so long. I’m getting worried about her in fact. She’s been dancing around the apartment in full ball gowns lately. Weird!”

  16. Darren, you sure you don’t have multiple personalities??? It’s ok, you can trust me 🙂 I love dressing up so much, it’s like being a little girl again, which is ok is tightly controlled doses, but friends have warned me they will interviene if I go the whole hog, start going to spar in the sequin number! I have an idea actually which I am gonna post on For nine pounds, we need a dress up morale lifting excercise! I hope that’s how you spell morale? doesn’t look right…I don’t mean moral, I mean immoral actually!

    I hope we will have a really good night soon, lots of burlesque and frilly things!
    You know you looked fab!

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