I don’t usually do this kind of “hey guys, check out this web site!” But I just loved this so much I had to! So check out www.fairlylove.com

OH MY GOD! It’s like heaven, The picture above is a Fairy Wedding….imagine! Now I have been married once and there but for the grace of God…..But if I could turn back time (cue Cher…the gay content of this post just keeps rising!) I would have loved that, I am sorry I am gonna post a load of pictures that made me go AWWW! Also you have to check out Fairy HQ, they have a B&B where you can go and stay, as a fairy, four poster bed, you wear the wings and costume…it just sounds amazing! I think It’s the innocence, the little girls and boys playing dress up, the boys (men) look particularly good in wings! They make and sell all their stuff, I’ve already spotted a couple of things I have to have! I mean I HAVE to have a pair of wings, and a feather fan….oh and a purple fairy wig….Anyway, more pics!

Isn’t that just so cute….little demon wings!

Now that’s a dress and a half,  those green wings are just so elfin aren’t they? Tell you something else those wedding photos won’t date!

So there are a couple of lovely human beings behind this  Shelley Fairy and her partner Jason, they are Australians who moved to England to fully embrace the fairy lifestyle, here they are….

Don’t they just look like the nicest people in the world? Wouldn’t you just love to invite them around to tea! (Fairy Cakes of course!) I am adding living as a fairy to my wish list…I am gonna work on a fairy costume now, maybe it’s time I got my needle and thread out again? I am also adding going to their B&B for a weekend, living like a fairy in the English countryside would be even better than Dublin City Centre on a Saturday night!

Gosh Readers, you might be worried about me huh? All this dressing up? All I can say is it makes me exceptionally happy, and it doesn’t hurt anyone ( maybe not what my friends would think as they accompanied me out in my fairy wings….But don’t worry guys and gals, if I can master the art of the wing you’ll all get them for Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Fairytastic!

  1. Midge I love this fairy stuff. Fairy wings are the coolest. I went to a festival in England a few years running and half the people would be wearing wing outfits. It’s a big industry.

  2. Can I has demon wings?
    I will point out that you could simply start organising something for a dress-up festival that is hallowe’en.

    I’m just worried at the idea that there is a wing industry

  3. Milan,
    These are the guys behind those festival wings, what a fabulous job, making fairy wings! Or the fairy poo!

    If I become a blogging fairy wing maker (I have my plans drawn up for my first set of wings) I will make a pair of wings for you xxx!

    Very funny! Very,very funny!

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