Lookie what I got!

Look what my friend’s daughter bought me yesterday, aren’t they so sweet? My friend is also a neighbour (well she was a neighbour first, then a friend, so her two children would spend a good bit of time with me and mine, and they are lovely kids and easy to get along with, they are no trouble really! So I nearly died when the little girl showed up with a little parcel containing these cute 50’s style earrings! “We saw them and we thought of you my friend said when I called to say thanks!”

Isn’t that lovely? It made me feel so special, a little something to brighten up my day!


3 thoughts on “Lookie what I got!

  1. Ails,
    They sound so cute! I have to admit I love quirky stuff like that. The kids in question are exceptionally well brought up, and I have to admit I have become very attached to them over the last few years. I really like that I know my kids friends, I think it’s important. One thing my mum always believed in was allowing us to have our friends in the house if she was there or not (she worked) She would load up the preezer with oven chips pizza burgers all that kind of stuff always loads of biccys and tea, her friends told her she was mad, that all the kids took advantage, but she stood by her guns. As a reault she knew our friends, where we were and what we were doing. Friends would often call when myself or my brother were out and would stay to talk to her…I suppose that’s what I am hoping for?

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