Bless me bloggers for I have sinned!

OK, so the middle weenie had the pox, two weeks out of Montessori, Saturday the eldest one went swimming, came back…..pox ridden! Not an inch of him untouched by the red pustules! Now the baby! Teething and the pox! I myself have a dodgy tummy, up to last night i hadn’t puked, but 3am this morning, vomitville!

So here I am, in one piece, no excuse for not blogging except that I haven’t had too much time, and I’m feeling emotionally up and down, I’ve been listening to a fair bit of music, radio and CDs, focus isn’t great at the moment, but music is something I find I can escape into, either older stuff, from a happier time in my life, or just a song that brings me back to a particular time, a particular night out, or car journey. I’m pretty much sure music has the same power over everyone else, and it’s one of the things that sustains me when I am feeling a bit down.

I went to Radiohead the week before last, and enjoyed the gig as much as I could (I am not a Radiohead fan, but my boyfriend loved it) and on Saturday it was Neil Diamond (stop the laughing at the back) he was exceptional, an amazing showman. I really really enjoyed it! This Saturday is (hopefully) the turn of the Republic of Loose in the Ambassador, I am not a fan of the Ambassador as a venue but I have never seen the Loose play live even though I like their music, and I actually went to college with Ben from the band. So I have been listening to some album stuff today, really enjoy the new single

So as well as listening to music I have been reading a couple of books, remember my focus is fucked, I am reading a Sophie Kinsella chick lit, a book on why TV is evil and a book on Irish witchcraft, loving that! I actually brought my boyfriend into the astrology shop on Parliament street, being of a scientific mind he was interested in the crystals, not in a believing way, a stone can’t possess any powers, but he just liked the stones, I was looking at the books on the “other” world, but I think he enjoyed it, he’d never been there before, I’m thinking of dragging him to the mind body, hippy dippy thing in the RDS this year.

That same Saturday I dragged him to the “Queen of Tarts”, it was packed, as always, but a sign hanging behind the counter said their NEW cafe had opened around the corner on Cows Lane, so around we headed, And when we got there it was fab, really big and spacious, it was their first day, fate or what?

It actually solved a real problem, see I was with my ex for basically half my life, so everything I like to do,   originally with him…..problem. So I really love the Queen of Tarts, like I totally heart the china cups and the hand baked goodies, reminds me of my nana’s cooking, but by bringing my boyfriend it’s like “Darling, I love you, lets do another thing I did with my ex, go to another place I went to with him, eat another meal in a restaurant I went to with him…..etc” now my new partner has his own baggage, but he doesn’t have the same issue with places and people as I do, he lived abroad with his wife, so unless I go to the States I don’t have to worry about it.  So it was fate that dragged us to the new Queen of Tarts on it’s first day, something I loved, but a first to be shared with him. As people get older I suppose firsts are a bit rarer, or less romantic, can’t wait for the first menopausal symptoms or his first prostate exam…..sorry, being uber cynical!

Anyway, Madness in Tripod tomorrow night, Yay! BTW, in case you are wondering I skipped out on the Burlesque class Monday, I just couldn’t do it, just couldn’t bear the humiliation!


6 thoughts on “Bless me bloggers for I have sinned!

  1. Aw Midge Get back to that class! I’d say you’ll love it when you relax and don’t be so self conscious. Look at me and my swimming. I love it now (well not quite but I’m getting there!)

    You have such a great life, going to lots of gigs and getting out. You make me wanna get out more, I’ve just decided I’m gonna make more of an effort to be like you from now on!! You even make me wanna dress up! LOL! 🙂

  2. Shan, the sin was not blogging….you seriously have a yearning for dirty little details…..keep your eyes peeled, have been feeling weird about posting personal stuff lately, but after a three hour conversation with my BF I am gonna try to be more like my old self….sinner that I was!

    Ash, I just couldn’t do it, I think I’ve had my fill of feeling like a graceless freak! My friend is going and enjoying it, so I am glad of that, next week is stripping……I just don’t feel it!
    Gigs are great, and as I get free tickets for gigs it’s a way for me to get out without feeling guilty!

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