For my little brother!

This is for Brian my little bro, my only bro, my only sibling! He is moving to Spain, after several confusing and disappointing years he is taking the bull by the horns (pardon the pun) and moving to Spain. I am gonna really miss him, he is larger than life, great craic, the life and soul of the party, growing up I was the serious quiet child he was the friendly chatty one, he could sell sand to the Arabs or a yellow snow cone to an Eskimo! Since my marriage ended last year we have become closer, texting almost daily and long pointless phonecalls as well as the usual stuff with our folks.

So this morning he has sent me a face book message with this attached, Dean Friedman, Lucky Stars, we used to sing this to each other, my mum and dad had a huge music collection and on a Sunday morning for as long as I could remember we’d get out the singles and Albums, and my dad and us would bop around to showbands and  Pop and of course my mum’s favorite Nana Muskouri! Brian and I would sing the two parts to this one, we had a little routine and everything! I am really gonna miss him!


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