It;s the first Monday of the kids school holidays and so far I have survived, I had a weird day, up and down, good and bad, one good thing was that I got approval for my loan from the credit union so I should be able to visit my brother in Spain and get a new laptop, a cheap new laptop, but a laptop none the less! So I should be a better blogger…….<nervous laugh>

So I haven’t even looked at my email since a quick check on Saturday morning, which is a good sign I suppose, means I was out having a life and not sitting in like a saddo living my life virtually (that’s usually how I spend my weekends). I have noticed recently that my blog posts have become more impersonal, less about me and my life, my relationships, more about things I like or don’t like, it’s been hard cos I understood that my boyfriend didn’t want me to talk about our relationship the was I did my previous one (ie every tiny little detail) but he understands now how important it is for me to be able to express myself, so I am gonna try to give more of me.

My brother is moving to Spain this day next week, as I mentioned before, my only sibling, so I had a get together for him on Saturday in my place with just a few of my friends and their kids, he had a lovely time, but there was lots of high emotion (and vodka!) I am gonna miss him sooo much, dinner with him and the folks on Saturday night, it’s his birthday on Sunday and he’s flying out on Monday. Then yesterday we woke to a nice day, followed by torrential rain, my boyfriend and his children had slept over so wer decided PLAYCENTRE we couldn’t fo five kids in my two up two down with no access to the garden! So a couple of hours in Zoom in Greystones and the sun was splitting the trees when we left at 6 o’clock, we headed to Pizza’s and Cream in Bray (love it, love it, love it!) Then after pizza and ice cream we headed to the seafront, wandered along, the kids (Led by me) went paddling in the FREEZING water, it was gas, had such a lovely lazy, unplanned unorganised day!

So enough for now…..fuck it you are probably thinking why is she writing this crap…well I am, maybe I should mark certain posts with a certificat, X-rated, PG or general?


4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend to be honest. I haven’t had a quiet, relaxing one for a while (I’m not really complaining – it’s been hectic but fun), but I would like a bit of a rest.

  2. Let me know if you’re interested in one from HArvey Norman! I think they had cheapies for 299 on sale last weekend – there’s sure to be another soon. I got this for €360 and so far it’s quite lovely 🙂

  3. Love bray sea front now hated it when I was a kid as it alway’s seemed to be raining. Had a lovely day there with Shan and Mrs Shan a good while ago and keep meaning to repeat it. I was working last weekend so not very exciting.

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