Ouch, I was collecting some laundry from the laundrette, and I was putting the bags in the car (lots of laundry, I’d changed the beds) so I opened the boot and was lifting the first bag up when crack, off the path I fell and right down on my right ankle! Ouch! I had to stay on the ground, I had that sick feeling you get when something has gone wrong and really hurts! I was sitting on the path, two bags of laundry lying on the road beside me, a man actually pulled over to ask was I OK! I of course being the idiot that I am said, Oh I’m fine, don’t worry about me, no I don’t need a hand up, I don’t need you put the bags in my car, I stood up, unable to put any weight on my foot! I got into the car, sent my son to get me a cold drink of water from the spar, I felt so scared, my ankle was swelling already, I was wearing my Converse boot sneakers and I could feel it getting tighter! I had to drive home, so I did, in great pain!

So now I have been sitting with ice on my ankle, I took two panadol, the only painkillers I can take when pregnant, so fingers crossed it will go down! Still in agony! I did manage to order my son’s school books though for September, so I got something done!


6 thoughts on “OUCH!

  1. It’s grand, rest panadol and a bossy boyfriend insured I stayed off it on Thursday evening and by yesterday afternoon I was up to my old tricks! Have to remember to go a bit slower though, I am never graceful, but while pregnant I am a pregnant bull in a china shop!

  2. ouch, that hurts! i got a sprained ankle when i was in primary school, jumping over a very low hedge, that wasn’t as low as i remembered it! had to wear slippers to school, which, awkward child that i was, embarrassed me greatly!
    you’ve got to be careful, i read while pregnant you’re much more likely to get sprains!
    you’re lucky to have the panadols, my SIL in germany got a mad spontaneous inflammation of the wrist, which was really really painful, and she went to the emergency GP and got a cast, but nothing for the pain! they are so strict over there! not a sip of beer or wine or a single paracetamol passed her lips for 40 weeks!

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