Come into my Gingerbread house………

It has been exactly a week and a day since I turned on my computer, I haven’t looked at my email, checked out a blog or looked at any porn in over a week! I just haven’t stopped, My boyfriend had his kids for the entire week, and as he is moving out of his old apartment and in here it has been crazy, himself and his kids have been here every night since last Sunday. Now I love my boyfriend, very, very much, but………

But I just don’t get on with his kids, they dislike me because I am strict and have rules about behaviour, because I think a family, no matter how it comes about, should be a working unit, people caring about each other, working towards shared goals, occasionally putting others feelings before your own. I for my part am ashamed to say I am struggling to like them… The youngest child is grand most of the time, he has some special needs, but that’s not the problem, the problem is the laziness and refusal to do things when asked ( at six years of age should he have asked me to wipe his nose) He screams for attention, for pleasure, in anger….basically he screams when ever he wants, yet he does not like when my baby son crys or screams cos it hurts his ears…..this makes no sense to me, his screaming is OK, but others have to watch the noise they make? He understands screaming is wrong as he stops when I ask him to…but I have to ask every time? I know this sounds awful, I know I sound like a crazy evil step mother from hell OK? But I am used to my kids, they can be bold but they are gentle loving understanding kids…

The real problem is the oldest boy, he has no respect for anyone, he talks to his dad as if he was a piece of filth, now I love my partner and to see him allow himself to be treated like this by his own son is too much for me to bear and I get annoyed, If my sons or daughter ever spoke to ANYONE the way this little boy speaks to his father I would be horrified, I would immediately have to  seek professional help. If my kids ever told me they hated me, or that I was a “horrible” mum, I’d be horrified at my parenting! Now I know they will hate me when they are teenagers, I accept that totally, but now, no!

Then there is the violence. I am a total hippy dippy non violent type, OK? My kids don’t have guns, manys a row I had with my in laws over that one, but it was worth it, my son who is ten is a real boy, he plays soccer, he has never either been bullied or a bully, he does not use inanimate object as guns, pointing them at people and saying “you are dead” I can say hand on heart that my son has not missed out on anything because I kept the house gun free, he is most certainly not a wimp either. Now the children of my partner and his ex are a different kettle of home made explosives, everything has a “your dead”, or a fascination with death (Guess what, I also don’t think kids should kill insects for fun…..I am such a killjoy!) Their play is violent, several times involving strangling!!!!OH then there is the little matter of their insane mother bringing them to see The Dark night!! The youngest one said “OH, I was brave!”, why does a kid have to be brave in the movies? What is wrong with his mother that she would expose her kids to that level of darkness and violence, now I saw the movie, thought it was good, but too dark for me ( I am a wimp) but I wouldn’t want my ten year old to see it, never mind a six year old, ok so it’s 15A, but fifteen minutes in, the pencil scene and she should have taken them and left!

I am at a loss, today it was so bad I was preparing my delicious pancakes, bacon and all sorts of lovely fruits when a situation occurred, and I just thought, “Fuck it! Why the frig am I slaving away in the kitchen to make a meal for these kids? I don’t want to break bread with them…..I want to break their necks!” I had enough. My boyfriend and the boys retreated, leaving me and my brood to feast on brunch! My partner needs to get his sons respect, but I don’t know how? They do what I say but only cos they know I mean business, and he is just a little too smiley, a little too nice, he doesn’t want to upset them cos they’ll call him names!!!!

Me, I told them I don’t ask them to like me, but I do ask them to respect me, my home and my children……My cards are firmly on the fucking table!

Btw, the gingerbread House?

I am the evil bitch/witch, even though my partner is separated nearly four years his wife (who I spoke to for the first time last night) thinks I am trying to replace her (between you and I, I’m not over the cuckoos nest crazy enough to even come close) I am stealing her kids?….fucking hell she can have them back! So now I picture myself as she sees me, in my gingerbread house, luring in other peoples children, my walls heavy with lollypops on the outside but cages of fat children on the inside, the oven heating… Like I don’t have enough kids with my own brood?


4 thoughts on “Come into my Gingerbread house………

  1. Aaagh! This post has made me angry, sad, confused, irritated, everything. Firstly, that woman sounds like so irresponsible – I actually pity the kids, brat-like as they are. How could you bring a six year old to see that movie. My younger brother is 10 and I all but insisted he did not go see the Dark Knight. It’s too dark, too violent and too extreme for anyone of that age.

    You have the patience of a saint – I’d have snapped a long time ago.

  2. Thanks Darren but I do not have the patience of a Saint…..unless it’s one of the firey saints who killed people in the name of the church!

    Peitseoga, Thanks for the support! I am 12 weeks now!!!!
    🙂 And if nothing else happy for the new life inside me!

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