I want I want I want!!!!!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of every ones favourite lollipop Chupa Chups have broght out these limited edition bags, now I know I haven’t really spoken about it in my blog but I do have a love for kitsch and food, and I think this is just the perfect food kitsch item…Some would say tacky perhaps but not me!

As Salvador Dali himself designed the red and yellow daisy logo, may I suggest that it is an almost iconic image?

Fuck it I just want one……. Santa, are you listening?


4 thoughts on “I want I want I want!!!!!

  1. I’d say it’s worth printing out and putting on the fridge for Santa to see. Just in case.

    Have you been a good girl though?

    That’s a seriously appealing bag though. Wheresies?

  2. No lollies Lottie! But that would be really cool!

    Yep RP, Dali did that, although I didn’t know that until I saw the advert in my Good Food monthly magazine!

    Jo Play.com for the bags!

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