Another horrible pregnant post, sorry! At the moment it feels like my life is on hold, that all I can do is bide my time now until the spring and the sprog or sprogette is born. I am well aware that some people reading this will think I am a stupid woman, full of self pity, which I am, that I should be filled with joy at the fact that I am expecting a baby.I don’t mind so much that I am pregnant, it is more the fact that it will take nearly ten months!

This my fourth pregnancy and it is true what they say, each one is different, but this one is very different this time I am not having a baby with my husband, I am having a baby with my new partner, who I only know since last November and I don’t know his family or friends very well (or at all). I am also struggling with my body this time, which I didn’t on the other pregnancies. On my previous pregnancies I didn’t mind the weight gain at all, this time I am struggling with the changes in my body, the bloatedness, the spottiness, the lankness, the greasiness and the general yuckiness! Basically I can’t remember the last time I felt like myself, the confident, happy, sexy woman I have felt myself grow into in the last year. I feel like a shadow of myself.

My partner has gone to France today, he is giving a talk to fellow scientists about his research, and I am glad that he has gotten away, he needed a break, he works hard and with little reward or recognition. We also could probably do with a few days break away from each other. A hormonal woman is not easy to live with. But I am missing him already and he has only gone since this morning! God love the poor guy he has had to put up with me talking about how awful I feel in my own skin at the moment and how I feel so unsexy and rotten, yet he just puts his arms around me and makes me a nice cup of tea, putting up with my mood swings!

So now I am gonna go to bed, try to sleep! I’ll blog more over the weekend, I’ll be lonely and bored this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Frumpy

  1. Come on we need updates, you need to get onto twitter, its the new best thing ever!

    You can talk away and not think about what you have to say its cool.

    Anyhow missus I will have to give you a buzz soon and have an ole bitch or gossip, and remember even though you feel yicky we all know how manky you really are deep down! we wont let you you forget who you really are!

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