Just don’t read this post……

Today was another crap day, my toddler was acting crazy, nothing I did was good enough for him, I was too slow, not fun enough! And the two older guys were not happy to see me, because I had demands on their time and they couldn’t just understand how on a Friday afternoon after school they were expected to do (shock Horror) chores!!!!! The little guy spilled juice all over the sofa, they had left the two glasses of juice on the window ledge right beside the sofa, within easy reach of the toddler!

Then my nice friend/neighbour called in for a cup of tea, I was so delighted to see her, but then the little guy decided we couldn’t have a chat! He decided the middle of the table was “the” place to be and he continued to attempt to gain access!  It was just pointless, our chat was stilted and I couldn’t maintain a thread of thought in my mind for long enough to actually have an intelligent conversation.

Surprise, surprise  I am having a crap time at the moment, pregnant and tired, stressed and under pressure, I just haven’t the heart to blog as I really don’t want to spread my negative attitude, and that’s all I can do right now. I really hate being so unpleasant, in real life as well as blog life, my friends all still need me, some more than other but I just don’t have the energy at the moment to be there for them, I actually think I am doing them a favour by keeping a low profile, they really don’t need my negativity making them feel worse.

So it is almost like I am withdrawing away into myself, far away from all the other human beings, and human interaction is what makes life worth living, but right now I just can’t bear to be around myself ao I have no idea how anyone else could bear it!


2 thoughts on “Just don’t read this post……

  1. Just keep your head down and forge on through it. Maybe get out the odd time and have some mindless chat, to dilute the heaviness. And rest a lot.

    And stop reading about Satanists!

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