The trivial things that have stopped me from blogging…..

Above is the video for the Cardigans “Sick and Tired”, I have rediscovered my love for the band recently, I know I haven’t been blogging, actually I haven’t been doing much at all, I have been going to bed early, not watching any TV, not blogging, not going out. But once in bed I am very busy, listening to music, rediscovering my old music collection, and reading……so much reading.

As I haven’t been going out, not drinking, no taxis, no new clothes apart from elasticated maternity trousers, I have been indulging my passion for buying books! Borders is my new “haunt” hanging around the gender studies or occult sections, looking shifty! I thing I mentioned the Descent of Woman book I was reading in a post a few weeks ago, well that marked my descent into my book fetish! So I decided to name ad shame my passions, here are the books I have read in the last few weeks, I know, this is probably the most boring blog post ever, I could spice it up with the erotic books I pick up daily, I am enjoying some nice slap and tickle erotica about bondage at the moment, it’s something I pick up when I need a pick me up!

So, here goes……

I am about to start Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels, I actually read this in about 1996 but then lost my copy, so when I was reunited with it in Borders last week I had to have it!

I am also currently still reading Bad Faith by Carmen Callil, a book about Louis Darquier a french Nazi Collaborator, fascinating reading, it’s my car read at the moment, I have to keep different books in different places, one in the car, one downstairs, and one by my bed, if I didn’t do this I’d never be able to make time to read as I’d keep forgetting my book!

My beside the bed book that I am still reading is a book by an American David Frankfurter (poor man) called Evil Incarnate about demonic conspiracy and satanic abuse in history, I’m really enjoying this but it is heavy going, Mr Frankfurter is very academic, and that makes it quite difficult to enjoy reading.

This week I finished Ancient Bodies, Ancient Lives (sex gender and archaeology) by Rosemary A Joyce, a book challenging the opinion that society has ever been divided by sex roles, that gender isn’t as well defined in history as we think it is, really enjoyed this book, easy read lovely illustrations. I also finished Aleister Crowley The beast demystified,  a biography by Roger Hutchinson, fascinating man, fascinating life! The last book I finished this week was A History of Witchcraft sorcery, heretics and pagans, an interesting book on the political and social conditions that caused witch scares over the centuries.

Last week I finished M.J Trow’s book Boudicca, the Warrior Queen, a book I found very dry, not very exciting considering the subject matter but still worth the effort. One book that I read lately that really stands out as exceptional is A brief history of Misogyny, the world’s oldest prejudice, by Jack Holland (a BBC northern Irish correspondent, who died before the book was published, the very moving forward is written by his daughter) This book was an excellent read, exciting and stimulating, from ancient Rome to the modern tracing misogyny through time, yet it is written by a man!

So that’s what I’ve been doing in the past month, I have felt guilt for not blogging but the selfish pleasure of reading, has been too tempting to resist!

By the way in case you are wondering I usually would read chick lit, I love Jane Green and Wendy Holden but for some unknown reason every time I have attempted to read a fiction book in the past few months I have hit a brick wall, lost interest and just given up! So it’s non fiction for the time being…..I do have one albatross circling over head, my ex lent me Naomi Klein The Shock Doctrine and it’s weighty tome is sitting on my locker taunting me….I just don’t think I have the brain power to handle it!


4 thoughts on “The trivial things that have stopped me from blogging…..

  1. i’m well impressed with your reading, i’ve hardly read anything at all since getting pregnant! a few pregnancy books, not completely though, and i’m about half way through ‘the anatomy of desire’, a book about gender differences and evolution of desire etc, very interesting, but i’m always too tired to finish a chapter…

  2. Péitseoga,
    I am reading so much cos I know I will read nothing for months when baby is born, that’s my only motivation! The book you are reading sounds good, right up my alley. I have read some pregnancy books Jo lent me, but I suppose my fourth baby….I just don’t really have the time! You’ll be tired fora few months after baby is born too, but it’ll pass, and then you’ll be able to enjoy your little person, when are you due again? not too long now?

  3. only 16 more days! well, and possibly 2 weeks after that…
    on the topic of books, you might also like ‘bonk’! my friend who gave me the other one read that and liked it, she said it’s really funny!

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