Marxism 2008

10777_w1I am naturally unpolitical, I have never really felt confident enough in myself to hae strong opinions one way or the other politically, I do have strong feelings on things, but generally I am too “touchy feely” too “emotional” to express myself properly, people who are political are always so good at making references to times and dates, numbers and facts…..I am crap at that. So if I ever try to express myself I always wind up tied up in knots by the person I’m talking to.

My partner is a socialist, a member of the Socialist Workers Party he is someone who has concrete solid opinions on things, the fact that he has such passion and optimistic belief in socialism is one of the things I find so attractive about him. He really cares about the world, not just his little corner of the universe, not just his own interests, and in this world of consumerism and individualism it’s so lovely to meet someone really thinking about the world and what he can do to improve it. Now his optimism and belief in an almost utopian society is the perfect foil to my pessimism and lack of action.

Now this weekend Marxism 2008 was on in the Royal Dublin Hotel, it was a seris of talks about a variey of issues, from feminism and Marx to religion, China, Gay marraige. My boyfriend had mentioned it a few weeks ago, and he didn’t have the kids tis weekend, I was free from Friday evening until Saturay afternoon, so I agreed to go to the conference.

My lack of confidence,  terrified that if anyone spoke to me I’d sound stupid, that I wouldn’t understand what everyone was talking about. But I love my partner, I want to be able to listen to him talking about politics and maybe make a contribution with a bit of knowledge, so I went along.

There was a “rally” type meeting on the Friday evening, various speakers talking about the recession, recent protests by students and pensioners, and the future of the left in Ireland and Europe (there was a speaker by a representative of Die Linke the new group representing the new left in Germany. There was lots of “comrade” and “revolutionary” rhetoric, and at times I felt overwhelmed, but over all I found it inspiring, I haven’t felt so inspired to try to instigate change since I was a student, my little brain was excited, surrounded by so many optimistic people, all so active and interesting in changing their reality to make everyone elses lives better.

I felt so useless and lazy around such motivated people, I felt so bloody crap actually, the pensioner who organised the protest out side the Dail, talking about people like me who thought it was a waste of time to vote, that it changes nothing, that I could afford to be unpolitical, because I have a good life, I have a roof over my head, my kids goes to a good school and I have a regular income. Now of course I am affected by the lack of affordable childcare, the problems n education and the waiting lists for the hospitals, but generally my life is middle class enough for me not to need political change.

So I have decided to get off my rapidly expanding pregnant woman ass, take my kids to the education protests on the 6Th of December, I am gonna ask the principal in my kids school what hey plan to do in the locality to protest about the education cuts, I am gonna try to find my voice, and my optimism again! I had given up on so much, I  stopped thinking about feminism I really just stopped thinking, well no more, and who knows maybe thinking about other things and other people will stop me from so much self piteous naval gazing?


3 thoughts on “Marxism 2008

  1. Is this blog a joke? I first found it about a year and a half ago and every post stretches my credulity a bit further.

    Do you work? Have you ever worked? How much money do you get in child benefit, welfare benefits, etc. Where do you think this money comes from? When you go on these education protests do you ever think that maybe some of us who aren’t spawning children every year might want to keep some of our income rather than subsidise your lifestyle choices? The education cuts are happening because there are too many people like you who aren’t paying enough in tax.

    Your blog postings seem to involve a lot of whinging from you about everything – your health, your children, your relationships. They’re entertaining, but I really do feel sorry for you. I grew up in Dublin in the 1980s and I know a lot of people like you – carried along by whatever fad comes into their life next and always feeling someone else owes them.

  2. I’m always suspicious of people who leave attacking comments under a “name” but no link to their own blog, particularly on the blog of a woman. Always seems a bit cowardly to me.

    I find it strange too that someone would continue to read a blog they dislike for a year and a half.

    I have no idea why MW should tell you anything about her personal circumstances beyond what she does already, “Rob” as frankly it’s none of your business.

    “How much money do you get in child benefit, welfare benefits, etc.” is something I wouldn’t ask of my closest friends, let alone a stranger on the internet. As you have no idea what tax or how much is coming from the Wrangler household, your presumptions are ill-informed at best.

    Do you work? Do you have kids? Have you ever been on the dole? I’m not asking and I don’t want the answers, these would be equally inappropriate questions for me to ask you.

    I know her, she’s not a single mother on welfare or anything like it if that’s your concern, your tax dollars aren’t funding her life beyond the way all of our tax dollars fund each others lives in terms of hospitals, public transport, roads, police and the like. Her tax dollars fund parts of your life too, it’s called “society”.

    “When you go on these education protests do you ever think that maybe some of us who aren’t spawning children every year might want to keep some of our income rather than subsidise your lifestyle choices?” Hmm. Would you like to give back the taxpayers money that subsidised your education when you were young to those who didn’t think you deserved an education? You talk about having children as if it’s a crime, not one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you. However many she chooses to have is the business of no-one beyond her and her partner.

    As a parent too believe me the meagre support we all get in terms of child benefit pays a tiny percentage of what it costs to bring up the next generation. That’s it. As for the rest of it we’re on our own. “Free” education (which we heavily subsidise from our pockets) is one of the few truly great developments in this country in the last 50 years.

    I have no idea what your lifestyle choices are “Rob” so I can’t comment on yours. It’s easy and cowardly to fine sniper shot from the bushes.

    I’m a parent too, I’ll be on that protest as well. It’s a right we earned a long time ago.

    I never understand people who complain on blogs about the types of posts there, if you don’t like something simply don’t read it. That’s what I do.

  3. midgetwrangler I think it’s very admirable you’ve decided to do this. I know almost – without the kids or pregnancy hormones 😉 – exactly where you’re coming from. Though i have an interest in and healthy respect for politics and those passionate enough to be involved, my personal knowledge wouldn’t fill the back of a stamp. I’m an awful sufferer of foot-in-mouth at the best of times and have learned the value in letting people assume I’m ignorant rather than confirm it for them. Any effort you make to learn and to improve your knowledge is admirable. Everyone starts at the beginning and all that. So well done.

    As for your commenter’s points, he’d do well to realise that his lifestyle is subject to a hell of a lot more than just working and paying taxes. We can only hope he doesn’t fall ill and become subject to the problems in the health service. He’d do well to realise that the taxes he seems so proud of paying have been a huge contributory factor to the problems in the country, through political and financial mismanagement. He’d also do very well to realise – or in fact cop the hell on to the fact that practically all his income and subsequent lifestyle benefits ase a direct result of the actions of people like you, who got off their ass, no matter what their situation and raised their voices in question at what happens in the world. It’s strange he chose to question you in such a personal manner. If you don’t like the blog, don’t read it. The blog isn’t the person, as we can only hope the comment isn’t a reflection on the person either.

    Well done missus. I look forward to benefitting from the results of the actions taken by people like you.

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