When to stop…..

I am having a crappy day, I opened up my laptop this morning, after a long tiring day yesterday, I had a post I wanted to do, but when I opened up my blog account I was faced with a comment on one of my posts which really upset me. I have been blogging for 18 months now, and I know all the comments can’t be nice and fluffy but I will never get used to nastiness. I suppose the problem is I blog from an honest place, I blog honestly about my life, my feelings good or bad, if I think I am being a moany bitch then I will admit that. I began blogging because I felt like I had no voice, that once I left “public life”, had my third child, was cloistered away from reality, I think most women at home raising their children feel the same way, especially now when most women have worked outside of the home, it is very alienating and isolating. But sometimes when I express my opinions, I am cut down for having an opinion….Is it better to be silent, is it better if I just don’t voice my opinions?

I don’t know…

My mum called me earlier on, my aunt who has motor neuron disease fell and broke her pelvis while visiting her son and his family in the States, she is back home now, after a couple of weeks in hospital there. Now previously twice a year or so she would be admitted to St Josephs in the hospice in Harolds Cross for a couple of weeks of intensive physio therapy, my own mum was there for six weeks earlier this year, but my aunt won’t be admitted this time, even though her already very limited mobility will be seriously affected by not getting the physio she needs, her husband took early retirement to be her carer, he himself has health problems and was barely coping with her illness before the accident, but he is a good man and will continue to care for his wife.

Why won’t my aunt be admitted to the hospice? Due to lack of funding St. Joseph’s is closed for the next 12 weeks! So the people with degenerative diseases, strokes, bone disease, who usually would get a week or two in there, for improved pain relief (some patients are so bad they are given a week of bed rest on morphine before they begin any treatment at all) or improved mobility, never mind the carers paid a pittance by the state to do a job they struggle to cope with, these people won’t get this much needed service for three months. Now I know the National Rehabilitation Clinic is still operating but they are stretched to the limit, dealing with people who have had accidents, strokes, brain surgery, they don’t deal with the old long term patients, nor should they have to. But I am left wondering, the government gave the over 70’s back their medical cards, but at what cost? We’ve all heard the saying “To give with one hand and take with the other “, but this is unbelievable, are they just hoping the elderly if left without treatment will just disappear (Soylent Green anyone?) My mum said she thinks the government see the sick and elderly as a drain, and they’d kill them all off if they could…. she is a woman not afraid to say what she means!

The elderly, the sick, the young….the vulnerable in any society, surely a society should be judged by how it cares fro these people? surely as human beings, not animals,not just mindless consumerist zombies we should stand up for these people? Are we all so afraid of rocking the boat, “I’m alright Jack, feck the rest of you? ” Anyone of us could get ill, lose our jobs, lose our homes, have a parent or child become ill, shit happens, we all get old, we all die no matter how many houses or billions we have in the bank!

So I am gonna continue to blog about crap, my crap or what ever other crap that comes along, I don’t blog much about what music I like or which TV shows I watch, I blog about things that affect me, and how I try (sometimes miserably) to deal with these things, I blog in the hope of maybe finding support, venting my sadness or anger, sharing my happiness, voicing my opinion about the problems I see all around me. I also blog in the hope that an honest account of life with young kids, life as a separated mother, life as a woman in modern day Ireland might help other people who find themselves in similar circumstances. Finally I blog for myself, so I can track how far I have come, and how much further I have to go.

And if people don’t want to read about my crap they don’t have to, in fact please don’t! I don’t want to start editing my comments, but I won’t let someone use my blog to bully me…..


7 thoughts on “When to stop…..

  1. But all those funding cuts are because you’re not out working, Midge. Shame on you, with your selfish ways.

    Blogs like ours serve a purpose. It may be a personal purpose, but it’s a better purpose than writing posts that merely bitch about other people’s posting.

    To read a blog, read about someone’s life, and watch her go through a pregnancy, a separation, a new relationship, a new pregnancy, the loss of her hoped for work and retraining, a new living arrangement, her brother’s emigration, the serious illnesses of both of her parents – all in the space of just over a year, and fail to consider the emotional toll of this while you leave a flaming comment that is personal and vindictive …

    It’s easy to think you know it all, but at the end of the day, that’s what it is: you think you know it all, you don’t know it all.

    Here’s a post that says something more about what you were talking about before, Midge. Nobody’s argued with this one yet. http://tinman18.wordpress.com/2008/11/10/yes-we-can/

  2. The fact that so much funding has been taken from the most important things – healthcare and education – is a joke. These should be LAST RESORTS for any government or budget to cut funding on. Enough of their bullshit about how much money they don’t have…what the fcuk have they done with the billions upon billions they’ve been raking in in the past 15 or so years??

    I’m glad you have written this post. I read your other one earlier today and the comment left by “Rob” but unfortunately I didn’t have time to comment before I left the house. I admire that you can write about so many things that are personal to you. I can’t do it.

    Keep blogging about issues that affect you, both personal and public stuff – I’m sure there are lots of people who get support just from knowing someone is going through the same stuff as them 🙂

  3. The elderly, the sick, the young….the vulnerable in any society, surely a society should be judged by how it cares fro these people?

    God help us if we are. Seriously.

    As for the keeping blogging – do! At least you’re doing it!

  4. MW
    I had some comments about posts I made on a blog that made me feel like you describe, it is hard to deal with any negative comments when you are in a happy place never mind when you are struggling just to cope with your life.

    This is your blog, your outlet and it is up to you what you do with it.

    Some people are inconsiderate assholes and if they dont like what you are writing about then they should go read something else. I have read Robs comment and if he has been reading your blog for a year and a half and doesnt like it but still comes back then he is obviously not very bright.

  5. Thanks for the comments, didn’t post to get nice people to say nice things to me though…. really! It’s that when we allow our voices to be silenced that we really lose all powere…maybe? I have 3.5 children and I have been thinkinbg a lot about theirperception of me, of what I do and what I stand for, I am a nice person, good neighbour, good daughter and friend, I know when I die I will be missed, I know I have made a contribution in this world, in my onw little bit of it. But I’d like a wee bit more, to allow my kids to see that people can change things.

    So they’ll be nice to others, respectful and kind, but they won’t take things for granted and will be willing to stand up for something they believe in, not little Homer Simpsons “Can’t someone else do it?”

    Isn’t that the disease of the celtic cubs?

    I remember as a teenager having belief in change being possible, but years of ESB bills and “being a grown up” kinda beat the fight out of me….

    Now having said all that my little corner of the blog sphere will not be political….I am too flight for that!

    The post I am working on at the moment is about Cunnilingus…….

  6. Jesus, Midge, I ‘ve been reading this blog for years, now I have to read you talking about oral sex. I mean, have you never got out of the house and worked instead of lolling around, licking people and getting licked? Our govt has been withdrawing support for cunnilingus for years for a reason, they know what they’re doing, us ordinary people have no business meddling in those affairs.

    I bet you didn’t even pay for your oral sex licence this year. Your fellatio tax isn’t up to date. What right have you to write about the goings on of going down? Other people are funding your oral frollicking! The nerve of you, you orgasm-happy slag!

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