So Bloody Tired!

27 weeks pregnant exactly today!  I am so tired, I can’t imagine another 13 weeks of this! The last few weeks I have found that Thursday is the day that kills me, this week I just stopped functioning, and last week I got so tried I couldn’t stop vomiting.

I know I haven’t been blogging, but I am so tired I haven’t even been checking my mail!

Anyway I am still here, still gestating and occasionally feeling guilty for not blogging, I am reading though, and last Saturday I went to the protest, that was great but it wiped me out!

I will try to blog about something other than how tired I am……at some point when I am not feeling as tired???


10 thoughts on “So Bloody Tired!

  1. Feels like more than 27 weeks to ME, so I can only guess what it feels like for you! Are you sure it’s not W37? 😐

    Good to see you’re still able to post though! And lovely to hear someone else don’t check their mails everyday. (I forgot it all for a week not long ago. That’s what I get for being away from work. Great feeling for me.)

    I do hope that you’ll find energy to stay happy through out the rest of the period. I’m thinking of you 🙂

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