Last days

All over Ireland kids are enjoying their last day in school for 2009, while mothers of school going children are enjoying their last few hours of freedom before the “Holidays” begin!!!

If you work, if you go to school you get some holidays during the year, even if it’s only a few days, but as a mum you never get a proper holiday. We look forward to not getting up at 6.30 to dress and feed several drunk midgets, but trying to entertain them without spending every penny on the credit card is difficult.

It was different when I worked, I still had the drunk midgets to deal with, but going to work was like a little holiday, and the real holidays were novel as I wasn’t with the kids all the time.

This morning I tried to finish all the laundry and I dyed my hair, trying to do stuff I won’t get to do in the next two weeks. Now it’s slightly different for me, as I have the two babies at home so I always have someone here, but when all four of them are here it’s mad! I will be trying to have a little bit of space over the break, I’m gonna buy the Marian Keyes book, and try to read it by picking it up every now and again, I haven’t been able to read anything since baby was born in March!

Speaking of which, off I go, my littlest dictator calls!


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