True Blood

Okay, so on New Years Eve I decided to treat myself, I went into the local bookshop looking for the latest Marian Keyes book, I wanted to totally escape reality, be entertained and feel alive! But it was sold out…..I looked for something else, I couldn’t find anything suitable, I like to escape into Chic Lit every now and again, but I am fussy. I was about to give up, buy some crappy gossip magazines in the newsagent (they are verboten in my house, I feel so dirty when I read them). On the way out of the shop I saw a huge book, picture of a woman’s pout with blood dripping, I picked it up, Trueblood trilogy, (as see on HBO- means nothing to me, don’t really do tv) 17 yoyos! SOLD!

I brought my book home, a bit sheepishly showed it to my partner, I read all the Anne Rice books when I was young, I love the eroticism of the “other” but I see it as a childish indulgence so he was suprised to see me reading this. But read it I did! I have flown through the first two books, I only have a couple of pages in the third book… I highly recommend them, if you are feeling lost, bogged down in the problems in your life, tired waiting for the Visa bill. It’s total fiction, but it’s brilliant, easy to read, lots of wonderful supernatural beings! I really love it! It has been my life line over christmas. My partner is delighted when I say I need to be alone to read my book because when he sees me after that I am in great form, I’ve forgotten about my worries!

And there are loads of books in the series! I am gonna finish the third book today, I bought the Marian Keyes book and the fourth book in the series, so I am gonna read the Marian Keyes book next, my dreams need a bit of a break, I’m dreaming sexy dreams about the undead, but in my dreams the undead are my friends!!! So I need a bit of a Chick Lit period! I’m starting to believe Vampires might exist…..


10 thoughts on “True Blood

  1. I’ve seen the add for that show on tv, not seen the show itself yet. Next time, though, I’ll stop and check it out. It is great how the right thing, can distract, in just the right way. Good books can be like a mental massage, easing your thoughts, and ironing out the worries, while it lasts. 🙂 I’ve just been watching the “lark rise to candleford” tv series, on dvd from the library. It isn’t as exciting as your “undead”, but diverting in a gentle way. Big hugs!!

  2. Diverting in any way is good! I have found my books on tv but on TG4 which is in irish…. and my irish is rubbish1

  3. Oh MW please watch the show, it is fantastic.

    The eroticism translates very well on screen, there is quite an amount of sex/nudity in each episode.

    There is definitely something strangely appealing about vampires, the visuals only enhance it believe me!

    and just my two cents, I hated the latest Marian Keyes.

  4. Oh I have read them all, slightly obsessed with Eric.

    My two favorite from the series by far are books 4 and 9 🙂 By FAR! Enjoy 🙂

  5. I have started book number 4 Cheeky, I have to admit I find Eric very interesting, but Sam I think could have hidden depths!

    Can I tell you a secret, I was gonna try my Chick Lit book to give me a bit of a “reality” check, but I just had to start the next book….and I now feel a bit panicy as I haven’t bought anymore books in the seris, I need to get to a book shop when I get paid on Thursday….I need to buy the whole set of books…..

    Voodoo, is it only on TG4? I am looking forward to seeing it, but I’m pretty sure it won’t live up to my imaginings! I’m disappointed about the Marian Keyes, I didn’t start it as I said…I needed more blood!

  6. The books and the series are very different, the show only sort of follows the story line but not closely at all.

    I watched the show for the eye candy but the books are much better. Not sure of the channel as I watched it online.

    The books are on sale in Amazon at the mo 🙂

    Book ten is out in March… hope its good!

  7. Cheeky, I watched an episode last night….the one where Sookie kills Rene, I much prefered the books. I suppose in a book you can project a little on the characters, I like Sookie cos she is quite bolshie, where as in the tv programme she seemed a bit damsel in distress!

    Anyway I ordered the rest of the books on Amazon last night…….I know, I know!

    I didn’t know there was a new book coming out, I will be really lookng forward to that, this is another one of those things where everyone else has known about these books for ages, but I find out later than everyone else!

    And Eric is very cute…..but I don’t think much of Bill, in my mind he’s more Clarke Gable!

  8. Oh, good deal on the three pack! I picked it up in the book shop the other day, but it was 13 quid for the first book, and I knew I’d probably want the others as well so decided to wait till I see a box set. I saw the show on TV, feeling slightly embarrased about watching it, what with all the bonking, but I think it’ll actually be more erotic and less ‘bad porn’ in book form!

    Must go and check Amazon for the box set…

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