Thai Feast

I am having some friends over on Saturday for some family friendly entertaining! In recent years this is what my social life consists of, gone are the days of cocktails and dancing now it’s food and friends and their children and I’m quite good at it. My friends who have kids like going somewhere where they can have a bit of a laugh and some (excellent if I say so myself) food. There is still booze, but believe it or not I have some friends who don’t drink!So food is the main event!

Usually when cooking for a lot of people I’ll go for things like bakes and casseroles or a good chilli, things that can be prepared ahead as I like being able to relax, the thing  about entertaining people with kids is you don’t have much time, when friends without kids visit they can linger, generally if people have their kids with them there is a unmentioned time limit, about 3 hours, and as I want to spend as much time as possible with my guests I try to have as much ready in advance as possible. This weekend though I’m shunning the usual comfort food for Thai, I’m thinking of veggie spring rolls and lettuce rolls to start,  Green chicken curry and a red pineapple and squash curry for main, with sesame Pok choi and sticky rice as sides and probably some nice sticky chocolate dessert with some fresh fruit for the healthy guests!

I am looking forward to seeing some of my friends, the snow has been great, slowed us all down, forced us to spend time with our families, but I am craving adult conversation and a bit of craic! I also can use the opportunity to convince my friends to read the True blood books!


4 thoughts on “Thai Feast

  1. Your menu sounds a-m-a-z-i-n-g!! With extra “zing!”. Wow, it will be better than any restaurant (and I’m not just saying that to be nice). Yum.

    Hope it is a lovely day, full of craic.

    And it continues to be so great, to be reading your posts.

  2. Well Costal Aussie, I hope it all works out! I’ve done all of it before. apart from the lettuce wraps, I’ve done the chicken version but not the veggie. I love thai food, it’s so much nicer than Chinese and much lighter than indian.

    I did do a nice chicken stir fry last night, Yakitori flavours, which I think is Japanese! That was lovely, so many flavours.

    I’ll let you know how I get on!

  3. Holy fuck, the dinner!!! The skillful handling of many children! The dinner! The brownies!!

    I am such a lucky crappy friend, I do not deserve the 1st class treatment I got tonight…

    and then she tries to give me her present back… despite the many beautiful meals and pressies she’s given me…

    thanks Keara, for the evening and the chat and all the ones previous.

    J xx

  4. Ah no Jo,
    You wouldn’t let me give it back….I’m feeling bad for you thinking you had to bring anything!!! I was totally mortified…..YOu shouldn’t have. But thanks, I meant what I said, having adult company for the evening was enough for me!

    You are a great friend, we are all just trying our best with our lives so busy while our kids are young, but I hope in years to come all these friendships we struggle so hard to maintain will still be there and we can have good quality quiet chats….not crazy mayhem as I try to stop my Mad toddler from rugby tackling yours!!!!

    It was so lovely to see you, and I always like talking to you!

    I’m gonna use your present to buy something totally frivilous!

    Take Care!

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