Give it all away

I don’t usually do this kind of thing, but I heard the single on the radio and I had to put in here. I was a bit too old to be a Boyzone fan, but they are really decent lovely Dublin blokes, I met Keith Duffy years ago, when he’d had his daughter, I’d just had my eldest son and he was such a nice guy, reminded me of my brother I suppose.

Anyway, it’s so sad Stephen dying suddenly, the press made everything so much worse for his family and friends. I think this video will have some mixed reactions, as Irish people we tend to be very repressed, we really aren’t comfortable with our humanity, sex and death are two things we have huge issues with. I think some people will think this video is trying to pull peoples emotions,but I think anyone who has ever lost someone they loved will be so happy to see these Irish men secure enough in themselves to be open about their grief and loss.

I can only imagine how hard it’s been for Stephens family, husband and friends. Although it’s often said time is a great healer and better to have an amazing person in your life for a moment than never at all.


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