Shopping Hell

I know I am not alone, there is a recession on and as a result people are trying to cut back on stuff but in an attempt to make my money stretch I have developed multiple shopping personalities, I go to Aldi, Lidl, Supervalu, Dunnes Stores, Superquinn, Tesco and Marks and Spencer! Seriously, this morning I went out to get some food to last me until Friday (as 12-year-old Honda is going in to be serviced for a few days) I went to three different supermarkets, I know it pays off, I know I get great value veg and fruit in Aldi, but that Superquinn is best for bread and meat, while Tesco does the best Baby deals….It’s exhausting!

My life is so mundane and boring, but I have to do this, if I didn’t and I just went to Tesco to do everything I would have no money, feeding a family of six is expensive, in particular my nearly teenage son…..he NEVER is full! I know now why people have wives, to take care of stuff like this, the boring mundanity of everyday life, I wish I had a wife…….


2 thoughts on “Shopping Hell

  1. I find I get the best value veg from the greengrocer, or from the veg man that parks his lorry on a friday and saturday in our village square and sells straight off that… I’ve had bad experiences taste wise, with LIDL and ALDI. Where I live meat in Dunnes is better than in Superquinn, but yes, Superquinn are unbeated for bread (although the Aisling Bakery turnover from the local shop is great…). The butcher is best though. The one in the next village does a huge bag of marinated chicken wings for next to nothing, because he only gets in whole chickens and cuts them up himself.
    I kind of like to shop around, I’m only responsible for two adults though and a toddler, so it’s a lot easier!

  2. My “local” greengrocer is not within walking distance, and there is no parking….I keep saying I will park nearby and walk but I never do. In my old house ( I moved last November) my butcher was great (very saucy as a good butcher should be) and he had a bit of veg, eggs, milk and some staples, he was great but now I have no local butcher, and if I go back to him he’ll think I want to marry him!

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