Good Things…

My partner, I and our six children (aged 1 to 12) all spent the day on Sunday in Merrion Square at the AIB Street Performers Festival, it was a fantastic day, I think the parks should be allowed to have plays and preformers on a regular basis. We saw four performers, Pete Dobbing (turquoise underpants), PJ Kaola (big Axe), La Dolce Flamingo (my favorite) and Dr Kaboom(kids favourite).

We had a fantastic day, the sun gods were smiling down on us, and it was an amazing Irish summer day, We all survived, didn’t lose any of the children, or our sanity! My partners children from his previous marriage, two sons, are going to America with their american mum for 6 weeks on Saturday so we were happy to have a good weekend to see them off on.

We had a break in the middle of the day, we went to Cafe Bar Deli on Grafton Street, we had a meal for all of us for less than €70, kids had three courses and a soft drink! It was a great value meal! And every little bit of the food was eaten, when boys come back from LA in August we are planning another meal there!


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