End of an era….

My son who is twelve had his graduation from primary school tonight, I am finding it difficult, bear i mind that I have three other children, and my mantra tends to be “you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last”, then I am surprised that I was moved at all!

My eldest started school (in Clonskeagh) on the 1st of September 2003, I managed to just make it having had a very early scan in Holles street for his 16 week old sister that morning, I hated the school, I cried in my then husbands arms for an hour, we then moved to Kildare, everyone was buying a house in the suburbs it seemed like the in thing! My son started in junior infants, he moved up a notch, within a year we couldn’t embrace our roots, and we moved back to Dublin, my son started in guardian Angels National School and it was a match made in heaven!

Mr C who is the Principal is great, scary but fair! My  kids love the school, it is about learning but learning within your own boundaries, my son ‘s graduation tonight was also the graduation of the first Downs Syndrome child they have had through  the whole system, and he was in my sons class, and lived on our street and he added a lot to my son’s education!

I am a separated mum, so tonight was ready with its problems, do I ask my ex? Do I bring my partner? Do I go alone?

I went with my mum, my partner and my dad (with my sundry children) were in my place doing the garden!Obviously my eldest son was there, he was actually playing a woman in the end of year play, he was fantastic, as I watched him and his friends on stage acting I realised how different things are for children today, they are so very full of hope, something I definitely didn’t see in the early nineties!


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