Midget Wrangler rides again.



Once upon a time there was a girl who thought she was a woman and that she had something worth saying that people would want to listen to, eventually she got over herself and realised she knew feck all, she gave up writing about her life and got busy living it….THE END

But the universe had other ideas and decided that this silly girl deserved some real drama in her life, not the debate over greengrocer or ALDI or the disgrace that is the denial of women’s sexuality in Ireland , not even how to get on with your ex husband in ten easy steps, no!

The universe decided to throw a bomb at this girl.

On Thursday 29th January 2015 my youngest son Oscar was diagnosed with cancer, and all my foolish talk and ridiculous opinions became redundant and my life became very real and very frightening.

The photo above is of me, Midge today, aged 44 wrinkles and stress acne, premenopausal woman, I don’t think i have anything interesting or important to say but I would like to talk about what the last few years have been like for me and my family.




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